So.... like... the US belongs to Turkey now?

This is positively humiliating.

The US just let visiting Turkish officials kick the shit out of their citizens. … -dc-visit/

Belongs to Israel, China, and Luxembourg mostly.

I havent ever seen Israeli, Chinese or Luxembourgian government thugsquads beat up civilians and attacking police in Washington DC, let alone with impunity.

It looks like Erdogan feels he can do with Trump as he pleases, always with his leverage over Nato.

This shit does not happen in Europe. Dutch prime minister Rutte recently ruthlessly evicted Turkish ministers from the country for spreading propaganda about the referendum. If their bodyguards had been beating up dutch people and police, there would have been a huge diplomatic crisis, and the perps would have been likely jailed.

welcome the new U.S… we can make America great again by allowing foreign
governments and foreign dictatorships to do whatever they want on American soil
and to the American people and we will do nothing… because hay, they are fighting
terrorist and that excuse will allow many different terrible things to happen…
but we have seen this movie before… In places like Vietnam, during the 60’s,
we allow the Vietnamese government to commit great atrocities against their
own people in the name of fighting communism… it is a common theme…
you think a nation is fighting your battles and in that defense, you allow
them to commit actions you would otherwise condemn…
so Turkey is fighting terrorism and in that name, you allow them to commit
great atrocities to their own people and to your people and why?
because they are fighting terrorism and you are fighting terrorism…
so they can pretty much do whatever they want, to whomever they want
and with no accountability or consequences… they can be the shit out of American
citizens because they are fighting terrorism… and that is reason enough to allow
them to beat the shit even kill Americans…


Yes, it’s just sad to see the US reduced to a country weaker and more lacking in selfrespect than Belgium and the Netherlands.

K: we lost all respect, the high moral ground and our dignity when we elected 45…
it is the sign of the times… we admit we are a third world country with third world
tinpot dictator…I only hope the end comes quickly for us…


Well, moral dignity and all that had been long lost, of course, at least since W. But what youve lost now is military authority. That is because the state is openly warring against its elected leader, and Turkey knows it has the CIA, the FBI, the DMC and the DC metro establishment as its ally.

Not to mention the majority of the enraged city populations which are constantly committing violent crimes on their own people “for love”. Erdogan has been trying to enlist Dutch and German populations as his minions, and failed. Now, it looks like he is finding his sheep in American Democrats.

Indeed, the end looks near. Itll be fun to watch, its all on the Democrats for making it so clear they dont respect their commander in chief. A 6 year old can grasp and abuse that psychology like Erdie is doing.

No need to beat up or physically intimidate others when you own them financially.

Yes, we didn’t elect big sis Hillary Clinton. Truly a loss for the entire planet.

I cry myself to sleep every night because of this.