So many questions, so little time...

One has too question the revelency of the purpose. If purpose and meaning is not an objective and is merely subjective, then how much worth is there in truth? As there is no all-knowing god or any basic absolutes, what worth is our individual truths and meanings other to adapt and prolong an absurd existence? Really, we can all be armchair philosophers, but really does it really change much of anything physically?Do I really make a difference through living and existing? Its seems the more we understand, learn, find out, and conclude, it seems as though “I see things differently”, but alas nothing changes. Just the way I see it. In a world filled with 6 billion+ humans, how does my perspective help the world as a whole?
I don’t see the point as the days seems to pass, and the only thing changing is a human body slowly in transit to a all to inevitable end. Yes, I do accept death as a natural event and shall not hold and fear to it, but how we treat the end itself seems to be the factor in how we live our lives. What are the motives for a human to ponder and question so much? Is the active, conscious, pursuit of knowledge a cover-up for an unbearable boredom and drudgy of this irrational world? Why are humans, being not to far away from its relative cousins the ape, burdened with this intial yearning for knowledge? Is life really all that complicated? Or do will simply complicate simple truths for entertainment and intelluctal exercise?

It seems as though these any half-wit can somewhat survive and still be content about their lives. Don’t get me wrong sometimes simple questions and ideas about unknown things can lead to great discoveries and innovations, but for what? For the insurance of survival? For the minimalization of suffering? As humans will be evolve at all? It seems as technology evolves humans need less and less intervention with natural struggles. So how will humans take that next step to evolve? Or is it even posible anymore? Definitely won’t find out in this life time.

Now don’t get me wrong. I am fine with my life and seem to be getting by just fine. No depression or suicidal thoughts in this mind. Life itself is in full swing. But one has to wonder WHAT USE DOES THIS HAVE OTHER TO PASS TIME? How can one live at his/her best among the contradictions and paradoxes? Are we really just avoiding something else? If fear is such a detrimining factor in progress, then how can one progress and attain awareness without losing control of your sensibilty and will to live? Nietzsche in his time was very unpopular among his peers and most put off his work as nonsense. But somehow the under the insanity of his words people eventually saw a very great intellect and some argue that he is the most influnential philosophers affecting today. I guess we are moving to something, painfully slow.

With individuality, is there any room for actual peace? We fight and bicker amongst ourselves to see to it that our truths stand firm and above all. Yet if meaning is really all in the mind of an individual locked in subjectivity, then how can I (we) right? I am not so sure if peace of mind can be truly attained, amongst the differences and misunderstandings of 6+ billion humans living amongst the abyss that most would deny. Society and the individuals who created it, seem to exist only from the conflict between the two. The confusion is prolonged to perpeturate the existance of order and law. More chaos, more authority. We do it to ourselves, and I just don’t know. Like I said I don’t know. Just assumptions.

Now I am going to pee and mow my backyard.

Socrates said “All i know is that i know nothing”. You can believe and think you may know what really exists and what does not etc but you know nothing. So where do you start from there?

What makes you think that anything externally can be changed?

Wait! You might already know this, but I’m gonna tell you anyway.

If you cut the grass in circles, and not in lines, make sure you move counter-clockwise around the yard. This will ensure that the grass clippings are projected out over the grass you had already cut, and not onto the grass you have yet to cut. You don’t want to bog the engine and dull the blade by running over already cut grass.

I hate it when I see people do this. I want to smack the shit out of em’ and take away their lawn-mower.

When you ask

“Does god exist?”
“What is reality?”
“What is knowable?”
“What is consciousness?”
“Did I do the right thing?”
etc etc etc etc etc

What is the common element… you. “Does god exist?” is… Do I believe god exists? What do I think is knowable?

Whether or not it the intended purpose or meaning of philosophy, or whether it is simply a biological response… a human unreachable itch (the striving for knowledge), there is a aspect of self-discovery. I’m not saying this is the purpose of philosophy, but I am saying that it is a unavoidable consequence of persistant doubt and seeking of knowledge.

What are your perceptions, what are your opinions, what are your judgments? Where many of the half-wits you mentioned end but philosophers do not (or should not) is to answer and then ask why they answered what they did.

So your perceptions have changed as a result of philosophy… you have discovered much about yourself, through your insights you have changed some of “yourself”.

Continue your journey, read your own post and ask why. Why do you philosophize? Why does truth matter to you? Why does changing the world matter to you? Why do you want to help humanity? Why do you care about our evolution? How can one live amongst the contradictions? Why should one? Are we avoiding something? etc.