So, Russian Collusion Was Bullshit From The State

Mueller has indicted 13 Russians for meddling with U.S. elections, with the following caveats:

No American knowingly worked with them,

No actual effects on the election were reported, and

The same Russians worked to help Bernie Sanders AND immediately began to work on anti-Trump events as soon as Trump won.

So I guess that’s that. But maybe the DNC will get lucky and Mueller will recommend charges for Trump having private thoughts that could be interpreted as obstruction of justice in the investigation of crimes that didn’t actually happen.

But who am I kidding, we stopped talking about whether or not the Russia thing was real months ago. It’s been ‘Obstruction’ since like December.

This might all be the case had Mueller also announced yesterday that his investigation was over.

He didn’t, did he?

Though I suspect you may well be one of those Trump fanatics who really would rationalize it if he announced that he had stood in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shot someone.

After all, it might have been me he shot. :wink:

In the appropriate context the “state” action(s) are starkly rational.




So now you believe the fake news FBI?


It’s all bullshit, man. This whole thing. They’re trying to cover their asses now, and continue furthering the globalist agenda by slightly altered means. Mainly they want to restore the image of confidence to the deep state.

Apparently it worked on you. It certainly worked on idiot fake conservatives like Hannity. Well I’m not saying it worked on you, just that it seems to have, based on your above comments.

Ucc, I don’t think that you’re characterizing those caveats in the only way in which they could be. No one said, “we have demonstrable evidence that there were no Americans knowingly working with Russians to influence the election”. So you could take that to mean that a possibility remains that there were.

Actual effects on the election being reported isn’t the same as a prosecutor not actually believing that there were actual effects on the election. Remember, the probe isn’t over, and they’ve got a substantial number of leads that they are pursuing. It wouldn’t be prudent of them to just open the file and allow the public, and potential defendants to access the totality of information during an ongoing investigation.


Priceless keks everywhere these days.

Thanks for that.

UrGod, this is a site that’s generally populated by people who are in their adulthood. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed that. Try and fit in a little better if you can. The more often you use terms like “kek” the more you expose yourself as a newbie to the whole political discourse thing. I’m sure you’ve read a lot of shit on a lot of webpages since you recently realized that there’s a world outside your high school, but none of this stuff is new to us. Try and reason a little bit and see how that feels. It’ll serve you better in the end, and you wont seem like such a retard.

When did it become so fashionable to wear a radical political bias on one’s sleeve? Wouldn’t it be something that you could be more proud of if you were to think outside of the canned regurgitations of whichever pundits you find to be the most charming??

K: Mueller seems to be very, very efficient… and this is just another step along the way…
he has done more in a year then most… Kenneth Star for example, at year one, was over a
year and half from his first indictment… where it seems the very number of indictments
suggest many more to come… and the next round will include Americans…
and most likely include the presidents’ men…of course those who defend IQ45
the most, seem to have the least knowledge of how the system actually works…

the case Mueller seems to building, seems to be quite a circle around IQ45…
first he did lower level staff, now he is at the foreign, russian level
and soon he will connect the dots from the foreign russian level,
to IQ45 staff, for example, the betting money is at minuim will be
Jared Kushner and most likely IQ45 JR…and he will use them to reach
even higher into the White house…and they will be turned and it will
be all over for IQ45 but the inevitable pardon from Pence… and the case
will be turned over to the NY state and there federal pardon power no longer
works… but of course IQ45 believers will never admit their guy committed
any crimes, even if he has already committed several impeachable offences…


Oh shush. You didn’t even think Trump would still be President at this point. Don’t pretend everything is going according to your plan.

K: my plan? I am old enough to realize that I play virtually no role in this world…
it doesn’t matter what I say, do or think…the world will do its thing…regardless
of “my plan”…


Any one proposing a scenario of the whole system regardless of party affiliation going through a faux finger pointing toward each other, to hide the Real Fact that there is really a very diminished way a workable two party political apparatus can work and the real collusion is between the parties.They may be stuck in their efforts to unify, hence compelled to give the impression of finger pointing?

Trump appears more as a comic relief on a battle to cover the really big shoe (Ed Sullivan’s colloqualism for -shoe)

  • that the very Constitution is thinning out,giving rise to the expressed constitutional problem of inapplicability? So called ‘public policy’ has over reached the plausibility of the intent of the founding fathers?

Why if not the efforts to demote Constitutional guarantees, intelligences serving these guarantees, and manipulating criteria forming public preceptions and attitudes?

The Nixon affair , may have been only a trial run and international relations have trumped national interests.

If this scenario is far fetched, such a conclusion is at least tentably possible , at least logically. There may be a deeply stated program where conspiratorial ideas are generated, to advance the passage this simple procedural opportunity.

Tell me I’m crazy.

On the other hand, there are some who might point out that folks like you are actually pleased that everything that has unfolded in the Trump administration so far has gone according to plan.

Different folks, different strokes. That sort of thing.

Here’s one take on it: … -next.html

From the fucking liberals of course.

People with their heads down … chipping away at something … which is real BTW … eventually will lean back and look up … and recognize the immensity of the issue.

We can no more divorce ourselves from human history than adults can divorce themselves from their early childhood and genetic lineage … and we rely on other adults to tell us about our early childhood … memory recall of this period of our life simply doesn’t exist. Who can remember their journey through the birth canal?

Our past … individual and collective … clings to us like our shadow.

Well well see Pilgrim , but I wouldn’t hold hold my breath., it doesn’t Always come out in the wash. Its too convoluted.
And I suspect He is, like a fox.



OTH … perhaps it does Always come out in the wash … short human life spans afford a glimpse of only one or two wash cycles … and too few people genuinely attempt to connect the dots from earlier wash cycles. :slight_smile:



A natural human response stemming from our reluctance to accept our intellectual limitations … as humans. :slight_smile:

Nobody here is talking about how Homeland Security is going to take over the national elections before the next election starts, you’re all stuck on hearing what’s going on coming out of your cable idiot boxes in not seeing what’s coming right around the corner in front of you. Good luck with that… :laughing:

Russia hysteria does two things, first it is used as an excuse to federalize elections by Homeland Security from here on out and two, it is being used as a social engineering center to rouse up discontent against Russia which will normalize in people’s mind having a future military conflict/ engagement with them since the United States is a dying warmongering failed state.

(It might not look like a failed state now but that will change within a few years.)

You people can’t see anything beyond Morning Joe, Rachel Maddow, Anderson Cooper, Wolf Blitzer, Rush Limbaugh, Alex Jones, Matt Drudge, and Sean Hannity. You’ve got them all pulling you by your noses right where they want you…

The Russia bullshit was always bullshit. There is huge resistance now toward the idea of armed conflict with Russia, as there should be such resistance considering that Russia is the only other state that can soak the planet in nuclear hell.

Russia is not our enemy anymore, they are not communists and the USSR is gone. Why would Russia want to provoke the US? It has every reason not to want that. Look at NATO provocations against Russia in Ukraine, Russia would have been fully justified in provoking back and yet they did not. Same goes for Syria. And why would Russia want a more destabilized US? The US is basically the only thing, besides Russia, standing in the way of the globalists.

The globalists want to start a war between Russia and the US, to decimate both countries and thus destroy all resistance to globalism with one blow. That was the plan if Hilldebeast had won. Now that Trump won, they had the Russia conspiracy narratives ready from the beginning and are operating on plan b.

Hannity, Limbaugh along with all of the lefties and fake lefties in the media are idiots or outright corrupt. I’m guessing corruption for most. They push the narrative lines their bosses tell them to push. Now the fake news FBI is trying to turn the narrative to bring Trump people back into the fold against Russia and to distract from corruption and failure in the fake news FBI.

The fake news FBI will happily give up the witch hunt on Trump, for the time being anyway, in order to bring all those Trump fans on board with the whole “Russia is the enemy!” bullshit. Never mind that the real enemy is the entire globalist shill establishment that without exception backed Shillary and is hell bent on reducing the US and Russia to third world status. They were already planning even more huge moves of capital and tech out of the US for when Shill won, pretty funny then that she didn’t win after all.