Social Conditioning and Revelation of the Method

[size=150]Social Conditioning[/size]

When someone sees something on television it prepares them subconsciously for if they were to ever be faced with that scenario. Shows are meant to entertain, obviously, but the content is chosen very deliberately because of this second level of consideration. There is a reason there are 1000 cop shows now focussing on the need to spy on people, or doctor shows like House where they break and enter into people’s residences and disregard private property in like every episode, and a reason why shows like ‘Saved by an Angel’ or anything spiritual/open-minded/etc would never, ever been comissioned primetime in a post 9/11 world by the major channels. There is an effort to have people experiencing a certain type of future, and that is not one that includes individual potential. All it takes it turning on television once to confirm that 99% of shows on the major networks fall under what I am describing.

So when I say ‘social conditioning’ I am referring to depictions of what TPTB would like to come about as a result, regardless of whether or not ‘corporations’ or whatever group is being criticized in that individual episode, it is the world itself that is actually the primary concern here. Exposure to (the) new, same values, over, and over, and over. Constantly putting questions of what is right and wrong to the viewer just to think on.

This discussion comes from out of another thread where we’re talking about the show ‘Continuum’ which shows Vancouver as it will be in 65 years or so: New World Order scenario of hegemonic control for every facet of human living. The show is litered with things such as the following:

“I didn’t kill him, I only wished him dead. That’s not a crime is it?”
“Not yet.”

Someone pointed out to me that the show is anti-establishment because it rails on the current environmental injustices we see in today’s society caused by the corporations, but what the person I don’t think realized is that criticism of corporate interests is the problem part of the problem-reaction-solution methology constantly employed by the TPTB - the corporations.

Obviously souless corporations in concert with occult-driven elites working in concert with the government are the ones leading this push into a new era of surveillance; they don’t mind criticizing the very deliberate ways they pollute, etc, because that is their cover on how to usher in this green agenda. For anyone paying attention is should be obvious this pollution and needless waste is at least semi-deliberate. Now that we’ve arrived in a era filled with pathetic people and widepread insanity, basically, and it makes perfect sense to start to paint yourself in a light that requires, you know, a world government to save everyone from being pathetic and insane.

The more you show a world where a world government is in control, and people have no rights, the more people get accustomed to the idea - even people who are against it at a conscious, intellectual level. You are your environment as they say, and this is just a logical extension of that truth. When conspiracy theorists say ‘social conditioning’ that is what we’re referring to.

[size=150]Revelation of the Method[/size]

Revelation of the method is basically an occult truth that more an of ‘effect’ can be garnered from an event if that event is made aware to the person who you plan on affecting before it happens, usually at a subconscious level. The subconscious mind can actually pick on on imperceptible elements to the conscious mind that hint at future plans. In this way it is possible to sow acceptance through subconscious exposure to numbers and symbols as presented in the media.

9/11 is the perfect example here: it was featured in may different shows before it happened to plant the seed subconsciously, and the intended effects of 9/11 (social change) cannot be denied.

TPTB are broadcasting their intentions using future environments that depict the world they expect for these 2 main reasons. When you start to really analyze television you can easily spot the instances where some shadowy producer has slipped something from the agenda. Even which producers are the agents sometimes.


How do you think the individual, in midst of subconscious attack, free the mind of such social forces?

Television and popular entertainment are the greatest forms of mind control ever devised.

Both obviously still function to this day.

You call it conditioning where I call it brainwashing and manipulating.

Few things exist anymore that does not seek to influence.

It’s the same thing in this post’s context. The media consumer is still a condition of something irregardless of a motive attached.

I like this sentence but I’m not grasping the meaning.

In a world detached completely from basic survival there is only a world left of influences and influencing.


A study of occult symbols will basically created a mental filter wherein these things begin to become noticeable, as fundamentally all art is just symbolic representation… and mostly occult.

Michael Tsarion, an established creepy guy who has been initiated at least partially into some mystery school, is a good resource for this type of stuff.

Same with Mark Passio, who I prefer much more, and is an ex-high-ranking church of satan priest who defected.

If you would like to know more you could do a lot worse than read The Externalization of the Hierarchy by Alice Bailey.

HTML version here … tents.html

PDF version here … rarchy.pdf


Probably the best picture I’ve seen linked here in a long time.

I’ll have to read that book. Watt rails so hard on Bailey that it left a sour taste in my mouth, but I think it was Watt himself that left a sour taste in my mouth.