Social Contracting

Here’s another way democracy, or something like it could work:

Instead of an individual trying to vote in X, Y or Z party for the whole country, they can subscribe to X party for a period of time, say for 25 years or perhaps for life, depending, and they and everyone else who subscribes to X party will be governed by that party, according to its policies and laws, where as people who subscribe to a different party will be subject to its policies and laws.

So for example, if you subscribed to a socialist party, and it has a policy that whoever has an income of more than 10000 dollars a month gets 10% of it taken away from them, and evenly distributed among everyone else who subscribed to the socialist party.
Now you might think, only poor people will subscribe to the socialist party, defeating the purpose, but perhaps some hardworking poor or lower middle class people will subscribe to it as a safety net, just in case they don’t make a fortune, or a series of tragedies befalls them, they’ll benefit from the ones who were fortunate enough to make a fortune.

And if you subscribe to a Christian Conservative party, you’ll be ruled by its laws, or if you subscribe to an Islamic party, you’ll be ruled by its laws, which could mean no alcohol, gambling or pork for you, or if you or your wife commit adultery, you or her will be hung, but not the person you cheated on her with, or the person she cheated on you with, unless they’ve also subscribed to an Islamic party.

You should probably only be allowed to subscribe to one party at a time, and of course you’ll have to pay a small monthly or annual fee for subscribing.
Perhaps there shouldn’t even be parties, instead there could be very specific social contracts people could sign.

As for criminal law, like laws regarding theft and violence, it can be separate from party law, and apply irrespective of which party you subscribe to.