Social justice, virtue signaling and victimhood

Why don’t SJWs cry over the Middle East where sexual minorities are still persecuted? Why, as they advocate for sex reassignment surgery for minors, don’t they focus on the long term detriments of “transgender”? Why do they love Islam while decrying the tolerant and secular West?

The Left has a love romance with Islam despite that Islam is the most toxic anti-feminist, anti-transgender, anti-gay, anti-human rights religion on the planet. Maybe go try to hold a gay rights march in Saudi Arabia and see what happens?

As Alexis de Toqueville said, the pathology of the west is that the more free we become the more obsessed with freedom we also become. As we really do achieve equality for marginalized groups, those same groups (or their politics activist proxies) clamor all the more that they are “oppressed”.

But then again, what does equality really mean when it is said to mean the right of children to be given access to hormones and gender reassignment surgery to thwart their own biological development and cut off their genitals in an attempt to pretend to be something they aren’t?

What does “social justice” really mean anymore? I would wager: nothing at all. Or maybe: mind-death.

Most Americans have no problem with the free choices you make for yourself, assuming you’re an adult and assuming your choices do not affect others. What they have a problem with is the cult of victimhood, radical leftist Marxist deconstruction of traditional categories of meaning and reason, and shoving your “equality” to pretend to be a different gender (or have sex with children, or with animals, or whatever else “brave cause” of the moment) down everyone else’s throats.


Complains about SJW’s, calls me racist in another thread.

The two aren’t the same at all. And yes you are racist.


I’ve rendered you speechless. Good to see.

Next step is for you to start rethinking the madness you’ve been indoctrinated into. But I won’t hold my breath.

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Keep repeating your lack of any response. It’s telling.

Ok, I just pissed myself laughing a little bit.

Your humor following conversational dialogue is ranked zero, not even average. Back to the drawing board with you.

What humor? I’m being honest.

The answer to the OP is that they have a common enemy and that enemy is the West and more particularly what it represents which is freedom
It is a strange alliance as the practices of one are not at all shared by the other but they will not condemn it for reasons of political correctness
I side absolutely with neither side [ though I do listen to both ] because I am a pragmatist more than I am an idealist so my own position is this :
I do not care what you think or say or do as long as that does not impact upon the freedom of anyone else. If you disagree with this explain why

When I say neither side I mean the left and right not SJW and Muslims

Debating this issue with anyone ideologically bound to either side is a complete waste of time for obvious reasons
That aside though I am more instinctively drawn to voices on the right simply because I myself am not from there
This gives lie to the commonly held view that liberals want any speech they dont agree with restricted or banned
You have precisely zero chance of ever getting me to agree to such an authoritarian and anti democratic position
I have never signed a petition asking for the banning of anyone from my country simply because of what they said
As I actually am very aware of the ultimate sacrifice millions made to save my continent from the evils of Fascism
It is quite sad to see how that word is now entirely misappropriated to describe those with just a different opinion
Free speech is sacrosanct because without it a democracy cannot function so if you value freedom you value it too
There is only one thing that should stop you from saying anything and that is your own conscience. But nothing else

Liberals and Muslims, Islam, are going to tear each other apart. And that’s a good thing. The two ideologies cannot mix.

Liberalism and Islam both have aspects within it that entitle their own kind to fight, and use violence, “for justice”. Thus the “freedoms” advocated by liberalism will confront the “sins” condemned by Islam.

Islam is an ascetic, anti-hedonistic ideology. Liberalism is a pro-hedonist ideology.

Modern day SJW regressive liberalism and Islam have things in common. Both believe in extreme political correctness, both disbelieve in free speech, both hate capitalism and free markets, both hate the rule of law, fair trial and equality before the law, and both believe in a massive state government and socialist welfare state supported by huge taxes.

But yeah there are differences too. I don’t think those differences will drive them apart, though. Those differences will ultimately lead maybe half (optimistic I know) of all SJW types (mostly rebellious and confused kids) to eventually break free of their ideological mindrape, and the rest will simply convert to Islam.

So when Muslims start hanging queers and torturing homosexuals to death, putting western white women in burqas, “you don’t think those differences will drive them apart”, huh?

I would call that naivety to the point of solipsism. You know that speaking against Mohammad in Arabia is punishable by death? Probably not, consider it your lesson of the day.

By the time that happens most of the SJW types will have converted to Islam. So it’s a non-issue.

Muslims are already killing homosexuals. SJWs already don’t care that it’s happening, so what makes you think they’ll suddenly start caring later on?