Socialism or capitalism!

Remember that it is not published in any Indian newspaper but in Washington Post. … -business/

Please pay attention to underlined portions.

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alas that isn’t the story in the United States. The race to screw the employees seems to be
what business work hardest at, taking away pay, benefits, vacations, pensions all of which
might happen to me personally. I belong to a union and our contract is up in December.
We have just been bought out and the new company has pretty much already said,
they will put us in line with the other companies they own which means they will
try to reduce pay, benefits, vacations and pensions. I foresee a strike happening
perhaps in December or more likely January. As our division creates the most profits
in the company, this could turn really ugly, really fast. We are fighting simply to keep
what we already have, not even for anything extra. And for what, so chairman of the
company can make his 10 to 15 MILLION dollars this year, not including any bonuses which
could take him to 20 million. By no means is he the highest executive paid out there.
There are many who make 20 million plus all the while taking pay, benefits, vacations and
pensions from the workers who actually do the work. I applaud this gentleman who get its
that business is only as strong as its workers, but in the U.S the corporations just
couldn’t care less about its workers.



You got only half of the massage, what suits you.

Read all underlined portions again, slowly and very carefully and try to see what you missed.

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I did get the message. You weren’t that subtle.
He is still operating within the capitalist system.
He has to make profits to allow him to give such gifts away.
It is by no means socialism what he does.
I was pointing out that he is an exception rather than
the rule. I would like to think that enlighten businessman would do as this
gentleman has done, but I doubt it.


I did not change anything in that. I just pasted from the site of Washington post. You can check that from the like given in the OP.

That is all true but i was not referring to that.

Look at this again-

Do you see any hidden massege in that?

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