Some Actual Factual Satisfaction

Hey everybody, It’s rhyme time.

I’m a guy who likes to get crunk, to verily debunk
fool mothafuckas who got brains full of gunk!


Feeling fine
After such a long long time
So no more strife
Due to this new lease of life.

Christmas is a-coming soon
with a merrily merrily happy tune
and seagulls gliding in the air
give such good spirit - much to share
and bells resounding - deeply felt
begin the flow and hearts do melt.
#-o :laughing:

[size=200]HAPPY HOLIDAY EVERYONE![/size]

Rail at natal bosh, aloof gibbons!
Snob-bird named “Red Rose of Mine Desire!”
Rise, denim foes! Order–demand ribbons,
Snob–big fool! Ah, so blatant a liar!

This is clever it’s a palindrome that rhymes, I didn’t write it by the way, but I damn well think I should before I die, write at least one.

Veep in jeep, be peepin’ and creepin’.