some interesting things about to happen

for example, I suspect that in Amerika, perhaps not elsewhere, but in Amerika I
see the Jews and the Muslim population becoming far more united in actions as
a result of 45 travel ban…we already see this in action whereas I read of a
mosque being burn down and the local Jewish Synagogue gave the Muslims the
keys to the synagogue so they can continue to pray… I see this as just beginning of
a relationship between the Jews and the Muslims as they have many points of
similarity… a share beginning place, a history of persecution in the US, dietary laws,
a strong belief in god, small numbers in the US… all of these are shared and by this sharing,
we can see a greater chance of uniting in the future…I also see some different
groups one would not see together coming together in the future as they see
some mutual benefit joining forces together… I suspect some moderate
republicans have either gone independent or join a third party, will at some
point join the democrats as the democrats are the voice of reason in Amerika…
but we will see new realignments as 45’s term goes on and people will become
united in their attempts to stop him…it will be interesting to see how this shakes up…

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