Some new photos, what do you think?

took these on my mechanical SLR, I love film to death

Photos are well good, particularly love the Sea Gull caught in flight, even though I find seagulls to be a bit annoying, but that’s only because the ones in Glasgow are like Street Urchins, hunting for food, shitting on you by accident, and generally laughing smuggly above our humans head, because we cannot fly.

The black and white ones I think are awesome. The light of that shoreline is what it’s all about, I think, on film. Where did you take that?

I absolutely agree with you! Film will never die, and I shall never convert. I am not a supporter of this photography reformation. Digital is good for some things but you cant beat film.

Those look cool. what makes film so much different than digital?

These are all wonderful shots. But better than digital? I don’t think so. Let me qualify my remarks…

What is true, is that digital, despite the claims, cannot match Medium or large format film cameras in resolving powert, although even that gap is closing.

There is another difference, which no Hot Dog buns is correct on. There is more dynamic range in B&W film than any digital camera out there. What this means, is that from White to Black, film can capture more of the highlights and shadows than digital can. A photographer would call this a two stop advantage. While this is also true of color, no one can notice this difference in color film vs digital. For color, the advantage is less than half a stop, while it shows up clearly in certain examples of B&W photography.

Finally, this difference between the formats is rapidly vanishing. Within twenty years digital will probably surpass film, which is not to say that film will disappear. There will always be those who like the “feel” of film better.

I’ve shot film for over forty years, and digital for twelve. On photography boards that I post on, I’m usually defending film from claims that digital is “better.” Forgive my sin for attacking film… :astonished:


Awesome work! =D>

Great photos. I’m thorowing my friggin’ camera away.

wow, thanks for posting

Great shots!

Great photos! The first one has for me a slightly surreal, fantasy quality which I find particularly attractive. It draws my eye again and again. Very atmospheric landscapes which I like a lot.

B/W was what i started out doing myself first along with developing and printing in a home darkroom. The smell of a darkroom is very nostalgic for me these days!

I really love the first Photo and I’m not even sure why :slight_smile:

Great photos

Gorgeous photographs! Nice job.