Some parents have a lot to answer for?

The Iceman and why he killed

I watched the series on The Iceman and in particular this Youtube video shows exactly what triggers his anger.

It didn’t take much and was calculated into the conversation by the interviewer to show Kuklinski what happens to him.

The damage he sustained from his early childhood fashioned him into what he was in adulthood, even though he confessed to his first killing at age 14.

I felt some compassion for him and you can see from his interviews that he is a deeply introverted and damaged personality. My dislike and fear of him soon extinguished as my fascination to uncover the why of him propelled me to watch the full series.

“After watching, you may feel some minds are better left unpenetrated.”

I know plenty of people that have been abused that killed less than 200 people.

Satyr wrote about this killer over at KTS:

Can one minor event really irreparably damage someone? That’s hard for me to fathom…a mere slap…shattering a person’s psyche.

I also read this on KT, which prompted me to create this thread. I had seen the interview a couple of years ago with The Iceman and Parks Dietz.

Wendy wrote:

I think Satyr means, coupled with the absence of a safety-net, a warm, safe place to hide away form the big bad world, scars the boy’s heart.

If you watch the full vid of the interview with Park Dietz the forensic psychiatrist and Richard Kuklinski he simplifies the process of how this particular killer was created. Richard was the end product of his home environment coupled with both his parents lack of affection and desire to hurt. His lust for killing was a crusade for control and revenge and in his mind the justification for the treatment he sustained in his formative years from both his parents. I do recall in the interview Richard saying after he killed he felt a sense of relief. This could be construed as his way of getting back for all the years he was helpless.

Is there some line one has to cross over to become the monster Richard became and could any one of us cross this line?

People do some horrible things in certain circumstances.

The question is do bad men only do what good men dream of?