Something Past Civilization

We still have no ideas on what more there could be past civilization? :-k

It isn’t civilization that is the problem, it’s the lack of understanding, greed, religion, statism, etc. We can be a civilized species… But like I said a few things need to be conquered to continue our evolution. We need a leader, a real leader. I’d run for pres right now if I knew I would have support.

Civilization is a problem when you consider how far away trees and the landbases they’re on are. If you build a giant place for nothing but lots of people you’re going to get lots more people and then it’s a mess. The places that are built should be in proper ratio to trees and gardens and also far out separated from each other. Think of the trees and forests like parents and us the children.

And who is responsible for this urbanization that supposedly has caused overpopulation?

Centralized governments historically of course.

Although, in the end civilization will eat itself. :laughing:

I am not at all worried about civilisation because it has nothing to do with me
So if you are worried about it find something to do that will stop you worrying

Moving outside civilization:

From Subjective to Objective,
From Childhood to Adulthood,
From Idealism to Realism,
From Security to Freedom,
From Liberalism to Conservatism.

Civilization is Security, housing women and children, increasing survival rates for loyal members (citizens), allowing anybody and everybody to breed in high numbers and for all progeny to survive. The function of civilization is to expand population, resulting in the consumption of natural resources, and cultivating untamed areas, colonization. The “progress” of civilization results in the cementing of class structures, revolving around beauty markers. Some people within civilization are most privileged, and therefore have most access to the resources and areas throughout all of the civilization. However, privilege means nothing outside civilization. Only within civilization is humanity protected from the elements, predators, and moral consequences.

Outside (civilization) forces any individual or group into morality. Outside, you have no safety nets. It is life or death, do or die. Sleep in the dirt. Eat raw and rotten food, to stave off starvation. All animals and organisms suffer in the “natural state” outside. Nature is full of suffering, pain, misery, and harshness. Morality is natural, as all animals understand innately that they must face the consequences of their immediate actions. This is the true meaning of any “objective morality”. Slave populations within civilization, who never step outside, have no realistic nor objective sense of morality. They are slaves, precisely because, their sense of morality, consequences, and costs are skewed in their favor. Civilization is an extended state of infantile immaturity and solipsism, where remaining childlike and ignorant are heralded as the highest virtues. To remain an eternal infant or child is the inverted (im)moral goal of civilized humans.

The defenders of civilization, liberals, are hypocrites in the sense that they advocate “freedom” but have no realistic nor objective sense of freedom. Their “freedom” is an inverted and perverted form of freedom. One that desires and demands rewards (Rights) with no real costs paid or owed. Pleasure without pain. Success without sacrifice. Wins without loss. No such thing as this, in nature, outside civilization.

You can neither speak with Citizens with any degree of respect, nor expect them to know, any degree of “Morality”, “Objectivity”, or “Freedom”. They don’t know these concepts, and, never will. They cling to civilization, out of a necessary and immediate fear, of the unknown.

This analogy was originally known to philosophy as the “Allegory of the Cave”. Within the cave, sits the Civilized man, humanity. They will never venture outside. They will never see the “real world”. They will never know, nor want to know, a wider truth or a wider vantage point of existence. They are stuck, firmly, within civilization. Slaves, through and through. In many ways they are both innocent and blameless. Most humans have been bred, over centuries and millenniums, to be exactly as they are today, as slaves. Unquestioning, loyal, humiliated, emasculated. They Serve the state and civilization without true rebellion, without any qualms, and without regret. Any longing they have of nature, of returning to the past, is based on idealism, and not reality.

They have no real sense of nature. They have been disconnected from the ancients. They have been severed from their roots, and re-planted countless times within an artificial environment.

You should not look at humanity as someone like yourself, who yearns to escape. They do not yearn. They do not wonder. Their curiosity is vanquished. They have no thirst for knowledge, experience, wisdom. You must understand, empathize, learn, and know, the nature of the slave better than he and she knows themselves. These slaves of society are powerless. They have no true power, except through the predictable avenues of state-society (civilization). The “authority” of a policeman is completely artificial, as is the politician, bureaucrat, businessman, teacher, doctor. True authority and “real” power is different. Natural power represents natural law, something that cannot be tamed. True freedom suffers within civilization, as civilization requires the suppression and repression of its slave population.

Your first step to understanding society and civilization, the prisoners within, is by understanding that you-yourself, by the nature and specificity of your question, are unlike you. They are not your allies, not your friends, and will not wish you well.

Because to turn against civilization, ultimately will result in the turning against humanity. And they will come to hate you for this, for being disobedient, “ungrateful”, and turning against everything they’ve been taught to be, and throw away their lives within.

Obviously a prisoner will resent and despise somebody who walks freely into, and out of, prison. But what the prisoner does not know, in this case, is that he and she has grown too accustomed and dependent upon the prison. The prisoners cannot survive outside the walls. This has been true for thousands of years now. What large percentage of “humanity” have lost their roots, been severed, and are cut off completely from nature? How many humans have no future, except according to the whims and wishes of their state-society?

Would you think that someone who appears to be dominant is someone who is afraid of their own power?
The dominant one might be the individual ready to abuse that power - that wouldn’t be someone afraid of it.

Perhaps your use of the word “afraid” here is more in line with someone who is conscious of what they are capable of - knowing that power can corrupt. Maybe “afraid” is being more cautious, treding lightly knowing what power can do in the wrong hands or in any hands.


First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

Why? Because I am a recluse and no one noticed me.
But they noticed me and came for me.

Yes, as we have heard from you a dozen times before you’re a special unique snowflake where nothing affects you under that rock you live under.

How does a snowflake get under a rock, HaHaHa? hehehe

Each snowflake is unique to itself but they do share a common bond - they are a whole bunch of snowflakes falling to Earth lol - they are a family and they are quite exquisite. Have you ever looked at one up close and personal?
Your metaphor doesn’t work with S.
Use another one. :-"
On second thought, perhaps it does work here. Snowflakes are unique as “individuals” and as such, why would S have to be just like everyone else? You paid him a compliment.
But I have also seen snowflakes which coalesce.

See what you just did there Arc? You ruined a completely funny sarcastic joke getting into the details of things. :-$

Nothing special or snowflaky about me but I just do not want to waste my time trying to change
something I have zero control over. Instead I much prefer to work on what I actually can change


:blush: :blush: :blush:
:laughing: That made me laugh and almost caused me embarrassment to myself. Why? Because I know I do this sometimes. It’s just a peculiar propensity that I have.
Aside from that, the jury is still out as to whether or not you were joking. Yes, we can see it was mocking but it seemed to be more “real” than joking.
Next time don’t forget the :wink: Hmmm :-k on second thought, HAHAHA, a :wink: after what you posted to him may have seemed a bit incongruous.


Do you think there is a more natural way for life to happen in this world when it comes to living amongst others and other life?

That’s where society steps in and tells you, " This is the way you should act and live. This is the one and only thing that is good for you and good for the society." You want to change that? What is it you want to change?

What do you mean “floating away”? You mean drifting off into space with no hope of returning? That would scare the shit out of me, but not because I’m drifting into the “unknown” but because I know this will mean my certain death (and what a horrible death).

Sure, I’ve heard stories like this. What does this have to do with the fear of the unknown?

Man was never afraid of their own prey. Their preditors, on the other hand, were most likely very scary–no matter how much fire they had. Fire may help reduce the fear for more reasons than one, but it wouldn’t have eliminated it.

Sure, fear may stultify advancement (because people are that much more reluctant to explore), but the debate here is whether fear of something like the Devil (for example) is really the fear of the unknown.

Yes, but this is fear of thunder, lightning, and drought, not simply not knowing how rain or the Sun works.

And I’m saying that fear is hardly the only reason. Most simply believe in their religious superstitions because that’s what they’ve been told. Others may simply be curious and ask the elders who are reputed with being smarter and wiser. Yet there are others who wish to seem smart and wise and come up with clever answers to these questions on their own.

It falls on the ground, then someone puts a rock on it. hehehe. :wink:

See right there? Mystery solved.

I wish that I could rep you 1000 points for this post.

We live in a global prison planet, global ghetto [Unless you’re one of the elites or their lackeys], and global plantation.

Anybody that says otherwise is an idiot or sychophant shill.

We really need to work on your skills within humor. It’s alright, I forgive you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you, Joker