Something Past Civilization

And note that no one asks.

What maze? I can easily go out into the middle of nowhere and live, I do like technology though.

Yes, go out and live in the middle of nowhere thereby seeing how long law enforcement will pick you up dragging you back onto the reservation. :laughing:

Let us know how your experiences with that works out for you overtime.

Aren’t they cute at that age.


I didn’t say in America.

And you can in alaska. I’m pretty sure no one is going to go into the freezing cold to get you.

You be surprised. Everything is either private or government owned land.

Well I know for sure outside of America you can, there are still tribal people, who drink ayahausca and what not.

Cute, cuddly, depending on protection:

Yes, and they need even more protection than many people believe.


Just because somebody lives in a cabin out in the deep woods, doesn’t mean that you’re yet outside civilization.

To truly go “outside” civilization, you need to begin thinking beyond the premises of civilization, begin to understand the truths and lies, foundation that civilization rests upon.

Can we please not involve my Screamer. She has passed away recently and I would truly appreciate my little one not involved. Please delete that, thank you.

You’re probably going to have to get the mods involved if you want Arminius to remove that pic. I doubt he’ll do it himself no matter how polite you ask.

Oh, so that does put a different slant on things. So you do not have a complete laissez faire attitude about things. Is that what you are saying?
Do you sometimes get involved where you think you may have some control and positive influence in the lives of some others?

But I do agree with the first part of what you said above. Do you attempt at first to see if you can influence something for the better?

Now you deal with it by being an anarchist while I deal with it by being a recluse

I have absolutely no idea which is better but I am managing very well on my own

Heeheehee? I put "heeheehee because that’s the sound of the laughter I made as I wrote the above?
What about you, gib?

Isn’t that a bit of overkill for an exquisite little thing like a snowflake when all it wanted to do was to exist for a moment or two?
So, tell me about the journey of that little snowflake after the rock…

No. What I mean by working on what I can change pertains just to myself not to anyone else. I have nothing to do with other human beings
I cannot change the world so I leave it alone. I also avoid getting angry at anything in the world since that means I would want to change it
Unfortunately I am only human and sometimes do get angry but generally I manage to avoid it. I see detachment as something positive and
anger as something to be avoided at all costs. So I want absolutely nothing to do with it for it is very simply the most useless emotion of all
All I am interested in is gaining knowledge and understanding about all serious subject matter for the remainder of my life. Being a recluse
is absolutely perfect for that and it also makes it more difficult to be angry. And they are primarily the two reasons why it suits me so well

One of the best things anyone has ever said on the entire net and I sincerely hope you can impart more wisdom like this
Sometimes you post total nonsense but when you put your mind to it as with this you outdo everyone here so keep it up

Did I harm you in any way? :frowning:
Show me the way oh great guru.

I was mimicking you. :wink:

It depends. How cold was it? Maybe the cold of the rock was enough to protect that delicate snowflake from melting from the warmer air and the warmer ground, and it preserved its fractal shape for a good long while. Alternatively, maybe the rock crushed its fragile structure. Maybe the rock wasn’t cold at all. Maybe it was so warm it melted it immediately and it became a liquidy goop that got soaked up into the dirt.

And then there’s the question of how the rock got there. Did someone push it over the snowflake of purpose? By accident? Did anyone push it? Or did it suddenly fall from the subtle forces of the elements over thousands of years?