Something Past Civilization

Maybe those moments of total nonsense are just you failing to understand her wisdom.

The entire world has become a global reservation. There is no off the reservation anywhere on the planet.

The only way to get off the reservation is to get off the planet. Good luck to anybody trying to do that…:laughing:

Another brilliant post Wizard. You’re really becoming a favorite poster of mine here. Please don’t stop posting. :slight_smile:

I think however you discount the abilities of the prisoners way too much. For the prisoners to escape they obviously need to burn the prison down to the ground, kill all the guards, kill all of its staff that assists the guards, and kill the warden.

Now, there is no reason as to why some of the longest imprisoned of these prisoners once free can’t learn to adapt on the outside especially if they’re mentally adaptable. I don’t believe it’s entirely hopeless concerning the plight of the prisoners.

Those same tribal people being stripped of their land and displaced by governments or corporations?

Those tribal people? :laughing:

I’ll give you a hint. You doing nothing reclusively changes nothing.

My proactive goals of eliminating the would be captors of civilization that seeks the captivity of us all would change things dramatically.

First my student of humor, you must stop taking everything so serious. Why so serious? :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, Geez…This is like the whole chicken and egg thing, isn’t it? :sunglasses:

Which came first? The snowflake or the rock? :laughing:

Going back to the original post which this thread in subject is about, there is no going back to an existence of nature before the advent of civilization. Civilization has unfortunately changed human nature mentally and on a physiological level for that to ever happen, however the current paradigm of civilization is also unsustainable where it won’t last to the point its self destruction is most assuredly guaranteed. What then comes next is either two things, the next step of humanity’s evolution or its complete total annihilation. I give it 50/50 odds for either one.

The next stage of human evolution I think will take place in the ruins of civilization assuming any human beings survive such a global collapse world wide. The new culture would be very anti-culture I think as it will be an infusion of the primitive and the leftover technological segments of collapsed civilization.

When you watch post-apocalyptic movies or read literature pertaining it you’ll notice the survivors are very animalistic and primitive but go around with high powered rifles along with other modernized weaponry. The savage primitive nature of human beings assimilates with the old remnants of civilization’s former technological glory. That’s going to be the new culture and identity of the world which humanity will inherit I think assuming an extinction level event is averted.

Me doing nothing changes nothing but it is not why I am here while you want to change everything but are waiting on others to set it in motion

I however shall be completely free once I am dead and I can achieve that all by myself without having to wait around on others to do it for me

The only way to be truly free is to be dead because once that happens you no longer have to conform to anything and that is as free as it gets

It is certainly freer than your brave new world that would require eternal vigilance so if that is your idea of freedom I am not at all interested

Why wait now? With that line of thinking one begins to wonder why you haven’t committed suicide.

The post above reminds me of that movie Mr Nobody. If you never make a choice you’re still not free.

I don’t really take everything so seriously. There are things which I see as funny - things which are said in here and in my outer-world life. Believe it or not, I have a great sense of humor.
But there are things, I suppose, which I find difficult to take as being funny. Maybe I just “see” with different eyes. Maybe it’s just part of my being a contrarian (when it’s called for) like yourself, but I’m not as much of a JOKER as you are though you might be surprised if you saw me in RL. We all laugh and joke around for different reasons - and I daresay that some of those reasons actually have nothing to do with actual humor. Our thoughtlessness and callousness(when joking) hide our defenses and vulnerability. Don’t you think that balance is necessary at times?
Also, as I’ve said, I like to dive a bit deeper into things at times. Can’t something be seen as both humorous and at the same time worthy of discussion on another level?

Suicide is not natural and as I am not planning on going until I am eighty it would also be premature


I would actually be interested to kow the answer to that question if someone actually knows the answers.

Is this still a metaphor for surreptitious?

Calm down, gib - not what you thought it meant. lol
Is that a basic need? :-"
although I can understand that at times it might appear to be the MOST basic need to one.
The nectar of the gods includes wine, etc., but coffee first. Coffee is the truest nectar of the gods. Its aroma could be detected at the Big Bang. It permeated the whole of it.

Ok, I’ll calm down. :smiley:


Yes to coffee. An absolute need. :smiley:

What you say has some merit. I do have a serious side of me at times but ask anybody that knows me offline and they’ll describe me as being very reserved. Still, I really do view this planet especially human civilization as a giant absurd joke hence why I’m the Joker of course. :wink: