Spiritual Archetypes

Recently I have been getting back into my obssesion with ancient European paganism.

In my teenager days I heavily believed in druidic and Celtic paganism long before I became atheist later down the road where I studied various forms of shamanism.

Such beliefs are appealing to me by their heavy emphasis in the balance of nature along with their belief of might or action being the way to prove one’s worth in living in comparison to empty bankrupt moral systems.

Although I don’t believe in any god many times I would love to believe in the existance of pagan gods as I admire the strength of old beliefs far more than the beliefs of the present.

Is it possible to be a atheist but believe in such archetypes that one get’s inspiration from in living?

I would think it’s possible to not believe in actual gods, but adhere to metaphorical deities as a source of inspiration. It would be spirituality in the emotional/psychological sense (like LeVayan Satanism), not in the “supernatural” sense.

Excellent answer Mental_Edge.

That’s what I think too. :slight_smile:

I really have a great love and admiration for forms of Celtic paganism and druidism amongst other ancient Northern European pagans.

I also like all the stories and literature that surrounds them.

So belief in human definition of reality is better then???

Who’s closer to the truth? The one who knows the aspects that apply to reality.

A spiritual hier-archey of life.
1.Love God, and the Holy Spirit will heal the soul. I noticed it as a residual effect that is peace and love devine. (of course you could say devine compared to myself) This is the inspiration of what I aspire to obtain in life till we are in God’s pressence here on earth.

2.Love of friends and family. A relationship with God will allow you to be closer in your friends and family relationships. It’s statistically shown that couples who pray together have more intimate relationships.

3.Love of life. If you are spiritually content,then you have the power to take worldly things at stride without becomming bias toward worldly goals.

All you are is what your hearts integrety allows. Thus a relationship with God allows the more perfect heart. If your soul is pure of heart, then everything that stems from that will also be pure of heart.

Aspects of love are trust and respect. Do you truely trust God,… or just your limited undestanding of God. Always remain teachable.

In my case I look up to pagan gods as a spiritual metaphor and archetype.

Non-pagan cultures hold no interest to me like that of the Abrahamic faiths that stem from Jerusalem.

The tribal pagan religions are more intertwined with and show greater respect for nature, whereas Christianity states that man has dominion over it. Hence, many are probably drawn to them because of the peaceful/arcadian idealism associated with them, when life was much simpler and harmonious before the Romans invaded, as opposed to the dark age violence, oppression and misery attributed to the modern world religions like Christianity and Islam. There shouldn’t be any problem with us as athiests being inspired by such archetypes, because these ideas were proposed by other people after all, I think buddhism is far closer to hitting the nail on the head than any other religion to be honest. That ‘Wicker Man’ film puts me off paganism because the events in it are the kind of sick things that you know just might happen.