Spiritual Consciousness Train

Moreno wrote “Different roads going different places.”

I wrote “Most rivers lead to the sea. In some very hot deserts some do not get there, they are evaporated.”

One could argue that we can’t know which is true until we get to the “place” or the “sea” … only when we find ourselves in the same place even though we arrived via different rivers or different roads will we know the “Truth”.

OTH … we may well be “there” at the moment … ‘there’ as in sea or ‘there’ as in place … but we don’t know it … we are not aware of it.

Reminds me of Isaiah Chapter 25 Verse 7

“And he will destroy on this mountain
The shroud that is cast over all peoples,
The sheet that is spread over all nations;
He will swallow up death forever.”

Isaiah uses the words “shroud” and “sheet” to express his thought that there is something physical between people and God. We easily understand the concept that a shroud or a sheet over our eyes blocks our view … we can’t see what is on the other side of the sheet.

While Isaiah uses material imagery he may intend a deeper meaning … what separates us from God is a “veil of awareness” … with no physical properties … simply a "veil of awareness covering our “mind’s eye” … blocking our conscious consciousness of God.

For example … new ‘science’ and new ‘physics’ is not ‘new’ at all to our universe … it is simply new to the human mind … it was ‘there’ all along … with only a ‘veil of awareness’ preventing our knowledge of it.

Likewise … new science and new physics doesn’t fall out of some tree … it seems to require a human agent(s) to tear the veil and reveal what is on the other side.

Deduction suggests the same phenomenon may be at work with spiritual consciousness. It’s like the transcontinental railways when they were first built in America … they changed life in America radically … and at the time they were being built no one could stand in their way … all obstacles … human or otherwise were removed.

Likewise spiritual awareness is evolving and no human or other obstacle can stop its’ progress. Historically though … so many have tried … the OT had long run its course 2,000 years ago but the stubborn adherents of the OT couldn’t let go … couldn’t adapt to the changing world … couldn’t or wouldn’t evolve. The obvious consequence was a new "shoot’ sprouted and the NT was born.

Once again … the NT of 2,000 years ago had long run its’ course … perhaps as much as 1,000 years ago. But again the stubborn adherents of the NT couldn’t let go … couldn’t or wouldn’t evolve/adapt to the changing world and various flavors of Christianity were born … today we have New Age.

The train carrying ‘spiritual consciousness’ has been on the move since time immemorial and there is no standing in its’ way!

Serious traction will become apparent when “grass roots” people become involved in the dialogue … may be just around the corner.

I describe the “spiritual consciousness evolution train’s journey” as collective unconsciousness to collective consciousness to collective intention/will.

Knowledge can do this also e.g. if we knew how consciousness worked, and its means to coming into existence.

A father would want the child to lift their own veil, no?

…but it would be nice if God could do that for us, for example, if it is impossible to understand and change the whole thing from the human perspective.

It may be our own limited perceptions which deny us awareness of God [or he may not exist].

I think it would be great if we all acted like we were not sure. But since it is common to say they are all going to the same place, I feel it is important to say the opposite, since I truly doubt they are going to the same place. I have seen the different railcars, the radically different views, the different behaviors rewarded and punished on different trains by conductors who behave very differently and have different expectations of their passengers, different decoration, different schedules AND what they tell people the final destination of their trains are, and they seem rather different to me. I am also going by what the people who claim to have finished the journey say the destination is and what they value. Not just my own experiences.

Wouldn’t this imply that if you follow the OT, you have not caught up with the latest spiritual evolution?

At the very least it seems to me you are implying in the OP that the different religions do not all drive the whole way. Some say Hoboken is Heaven. Some say NYC. For some it is in New Brunswick.

Culture promotes the opposite … no?

It’s my impression the ‘veil’ is lifted by ‘invitation’ only … most invitations go unanswered because the 'god of ‘money’ (luxury and covetousness) is simply too strong today :slight_smile:

IMHO the decision will remain individual and only be the result of personal experience … versus say skillful arguments or proselytizing.

Which culture? Modern capitalist culture and most fathers attempt to let the child grow to self develop and succeed.

Oh the philosophers eh! :stuck_out_tongue: No amount of arguing can get us past the fact that we are presented with this world and that only. The only thing we have to work it all out with is our minds and tools, and Christianity criticise this!?

Guilty as accused! … thanks for your gentle admonishment. :slight_smile: I’m absolutely not sure. I wish it was as I would like it to be and my impatience is showing. I must learn to be more patient.

Agreed … too much zeal for the ‘story’ … I didn’t finish it?


For me the destination is unknown … labels like heaven are meaningless.

perhaps it’s even a task or conclusion you never need to reach/perform. Once you have achieved whatever your goal is, the view may lead to other actions.

OK, cause if it did mean that following the OT, but not the NT was backward, then it would mean most Jews are backward. For example.

I suppose I agree. For me if the process feels right and I sense some kind improvement my best guess of the direction I want to head in, then I take the next steps in that process - unless some overriding evidence or experience o intuition comes in and sways me otherwise. This practical humility, rather than the who the hell am I versions of humility


Seems the leaders … in all cultures … in all geographies … understood this fact very well … “maintain control of the story” … helps to keep a lid on native restlessness. :slight_smile:

Today with the new technologies the strategy of “control the story” … in both the religious and secular spheres … is becoming increasingly difficult … perhaps restoring individual thought, creativity and decision making.

True. The analogy of rivers and sea is more closer to reality than the other one.

It would be more appropriate to say that river/water always flow downwards, without any exception. Means, it’s intent would be always to end up into the sea.

But, there may be many reasons of not ending up of every stream of water into the sea. Some may lose their breath early. And also, some short streams may merge into bigger rivers to reach up to the sea.

with love,

I hope so, or that that will be the result, though in my lifetime everything alternative has been marginalised, the people scattered to the winds. I am afraid I see the exact opposite, the psychiatrists bring everything down to sexuality, then demonise the hell out of it, any alternative or negative is squeezed until it bleeds and some die. Revolutionary is now a dirty word, and anarchists etc all get put in the same basket as terrorists. I feel like the narrative has narrowed massively [since say the 60’s] whilst having a storyline with a visage of being open and positive.

A tiny spark is enough to ignite a devastating fire. :slight_smile:

Random question, but following history wouldn’t the above sentence have worked just as well, and in fact made a lot more sense if you ended it with ‘Islam’ instead of ‘New Age’?

Islam is 1,400 years old … seems to me Islam has manifested symptoms of the same resistance to grow/adapt to a changing world.

His point was that the Muslims moved on from the NT.

We’ve had ‘The New Age’ for 40 years at least, with individual types going back 100 years before that. What does the New AGe have to offer? How is it the natural ‘heir’ to the NT? Why not some of the various paganisms present today? Why not Scientology?

I don’t know why “New Age” showed up on the screen … I’ve heard of it but it has never awakened my curiosity :slight_smile:

So when you typed it you’d never heard of it. You are channeling then.

Seems my English grammar is no hell either :slight_smile:

I wrote " I’ve heard of it but it has never awakened my curiosity" … my intention was … before writing the comment about New Age I had already heard the term. Is that better English? :slight_smile:

I find the notion of channeling intimidating. Although, I have no problem with Biblical prophets and prophecy … which I suppose are instances of channeling. Go figure!

As well … often when I reread some of my stuff … written earlier … earlier as in a month, year, several years … I often ask myself the question … "Whoa! where did that come from? :slight_smile: