Sports, People Running Around In Fashionable Outfits

A follow up to Ernsts lesser known family member of indeterminate order Frank Werklempters War, People Running Around In Fashionable Outfits

We will be comparing the type and degree of repressed instincts that come free inside each specific theatre of sports.

We will start with Korfbal, I believe it is called netball in English.
Let me present to you a specimen of evidence.


Inter-sexual, the game is played by boys and girls at the same time.
Observe the grace with which the game is played;
Touching is disallowed.

It is not much that is shown here besides a respect for the integrity of the person, and a grace that follows.
There is not the relief of physical strength that most sports require, and which in turn requires that males and females are separated.

The level and type of instincts that come out here where they normally wouldn’t is more or less negligible. It is perhaps rather a mechanism for exhibiting the existing repression. In that sense it could be wholesome.

Ambition in this game would be absurd.

I am already very bored. The book next goes into Basketball, how it is different.