Specifically American football, favorite teams?
San Francisco 49er’s for me, we’re going to go to the ship this year I feel, we’re long overdue for it. That saints game was probably the best of the year so far.
Kittle, Sherman and Jimmy G. and my team in general Are making THE PLAYS.

If you don’t watch American football feel free to talk about your favorite teams for other sports as well.

I love sports… played over 10 throughout my school years, and finally settled on weight-training when 14, as the one to carry on with into my decades… the other main sports being: gymnastics, roller-skating, cycling, 1x4 relay, 100m, 200m, netball, football, hockey, ice hockey, long jump, high jump, croquet, basketball, archery, rounders, cricket, badminton, tennis, football, British bulldog… fun, but not exactly a sport.

Televised sports I watch: Rugby, UK NFL, UEFA, FIFA World Cup, FA Cup, Show-jumping, MMA, F1, Red Bull Soapbox race, Snowboarding, Alpine Skiing, Gymnastics, Diving, The Olympics, The Commonwealth Games, Indoor Cycling, The Invictus Games for disabled soldiers, and sometimes Motorcross and mountain-biking.

Sporting events I sometimes attend: Polo, The Invictus Games, F1… once, Wimbledon, Henley Boat Race, White Collar Boxing.

I currently only do weights and snowboarding, and formerly Queensbury Rules Boxing which I’d like to get back into, as hobbies, and have ruled out a triathlon as too taxing and I can’t swim, but I do plan to do this in the very near future:


We played four main team sports at boarding school:

Specially adapted versions of football (i.e. soccer to our Colonial cousins) and field hockey.

Goalball and squatball, both games specially designed for blind players. Goalball involves getting a ball into a goal or stopping the opposing team doing so. Squatball involves passing a ball from one player to another so that they catch it and then pass it on.

In all four cases the ball has a bell inside it.

1999-2002 Lakers, 2002-2014 Germany soccer, 2012-2014 Spurs, 1998-2006 France soccer (Zidane + Henry, not france itself)

Watching The NFL Show, 11.50pm-12.20am on BBC1

069A243B-C798-46BA-96D7-DE685E0F3DBF.jpegThe NFL Show/NFL This Week
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Mark Chapman and guests Osi Umenyiora and Jason Bell discuss the latest NFL action.

First episode date: 13 September 2016
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Watched The NFL Show (again) last night, and currently watching Ski Sunday, which incorporates skiing and snowboarding events… been watching it for decades now…

Now watching the new Top Gear… Sunday is television sports day, it seems.

It seems the whole world is playing sports… and doing other leisurely activities.

Not so much doing sports, as strength and endurance training.

The first few days were the most difficult, but training got easier after that.

Chiefs vs 49ers again, who’s ready for niners to win this time?