Starting to feel uncomfortable.

Ok here’s the thingie, our neighbor has a very loud voice, and he talks to his mom a lot. Recently he’s been screaming especially loud on account of, the whole myth about the fraud. Let’s just say, he’s no longer cursing Trump now. But he’s now using the f and c word especially often and his voice has gotten lower. is it serious? I live with a man who like my neighbor HATES Trump and he is so nervous he called his mother yesterday. Is the ground moving? I felt nauseous when I got up today.
When I was was about to apply my cream I saw my wrecked eyes and wondered why I was so tired all the time and then suddenly wondered why is it so important that he must lose? I never felt a sadness like this. I didn’t vote for him naturally but I dont want to be part of a scam. If he won he won.

he lost and a few fringe media outlets are pushing conspiracies that he was cheated. theyll get over it man. its not up to them. he lost. thats it.

Slyly get half of a nation to absolutely hate the other half and you destroy the entire nation - Just ask Moses.

Love and forgive your neighbor and you form salvation - Just as Jesus.

Age old politics - “Don’t feed on the fruit of division” - Just ask God.

Obsrvr and I have been warning most of the people on this board for months now. If you haven’t listened and heeded our warnings by now, why should we care when you’re surprised when shit hits the fan?

Some of us are very well prepared for what’s about to happen. You should let this next sentence sink in:

It doesn’t even matter who wins the election ultimately.

That you and other thick-skulled, ignorant, close-minded LIBERALS want to close your eyes to the world, is not a big surprise or shock though. MSM is corrupt, along with the deep state establishment.

Do your own homework, if you do, I’m 100% certain you’ll find your way to where Obsrvr and I have already traversed.

There is no “Win” in this election, by the way, whether it’s Trump or Biden.

Both sides Lose. There’s a bigger scheme going on. Start listening to the acronym “CCP”.

It’s true. When shit hits the fan, and everybody on these forums comes crawling to urwrong and obsrvr for advice on what to do, don’t expect their sympathetic ear!!!

I have my “I told you so!” t-shirts ready to go.

Now don’t be rude to the adults in the room.

“Slyly get half of a nation to absolutely hate the other half and you destroy the entire nation - Just ask Moses.”

Easiest way to do that is to divide society into workers and owners so that they are in perpetual dispute over the control of property. They been doin this since 500 b.c. this shit ain’t new to this century, bruh. Man you know if you unlearned everything you think you knew and started readin the right shit, why, I believe you’d have the intelligence to understand it.

On the other hand, if you are personally some variation of a capitalist, the threat marxist ideas present to your perceived sense of well being will supersede and rule out any possibility of calling it a reasonable theory.

Man is a hedonist before he is a logician.

The part of one half of the nation hating the other half of the nation is nothing new, was happening way before Trump, it’s just that economic inequality, income disparities, and along with almost all of our manufacturing being outsourced overseas intensified the problems exacerbating them to the extreme we have now. Making college or on the job training unaffordable and unreachable for most didn’t help either. Making it where a person needs two jobs or incomes just to rent an apartment, again, not helpful.

Making a majority of cunts believe that they can only be happy with men making $55,000.00 or more a year which in turn makes pussy extremely scarce for a majority of men, again, not very helpful. You have broke ass 500lbs heavy manatees of women who think of themselves as queens where even they think they’re too good for a majority of males, unchecked female narcissism with no sexual release valve for a majority of men definitely is a societal deal breaker.

I have never heard of a successful, stable, or happy society where pussy is unaffordable, unreachable, and out of access for a majority of men. [That doesn’t even cover the number of abortions every year in the United States, might as well call our nation one giant aborted future concerning future generations of people, but I digress.]

Unless you’re White, in that case the modern Marxist position is kill all the White people. You’re screwed dude. #-o

[Your Lebanese heritage won’t save you either Whitey. :wink: ]

Do you think the Marxist bruthas and POC are going to accept you in the cool revolutionary Marxist gang? :laughing: Nope, not going to happen with that southern draw of yours. Dead giveaway. :sunglasses:

Yet still the employee accepts the checks written by his employer…

There are much wider divisions in life than employer/employee, prom.

[MOD EDIT: flagrant racial ad hominem, warning issued, tabbed. -Carleas]
[tab]“and along with almost all of our manufacturing being outsourced overseas intensified the problems exacerbating them to the extreme we have now.”

That’s not THE fundamental problem though, and in fact, while outsourcing produces umemployment problems in the country that’s outsourcing, this also results in lower commodity prices, e.g., you might be jobless and broke, but you have a fifty dollar smart phone.

“Yet still the employee accepts the checks written by his employer…”

What are his other options? Is there a third, besides capitalist parasite or homeless bum?

“There are much wider divisions in life than employer/employee, prom.”

Nope that’s THE one from which all the peripheral shit originates. Racism, sexism, religious conflicts, poverty, war, etc. It all comes down to some kind of preventable property and resource inequality between people who THEN interpret their duress as being caused by something else.

Example: rich guy drives through the hood and is disgusted by the herds of negrosaurus that fill the street. He then thinks the thing evoking his disgust is something intrinsic to the negrosaurus herd. But it isnt. It’s how the herd has been managed that’s caused the problem, see.[/tab]

When did you become a giant SJW regarding things like racism? Wow, you would think that you would learn things from prison gangs regarding race homeboy. There’s more to race than simply just lamenting on the failures or past history of capitalism by the way.

You don’t see a problem with job outsourcing and you’re a Marxist? You must really admire this low wage/ gig service economy then, right? :laughing: :sunglasses:

“Your Lebanese heritage won’t save you either Whitey.”

a’shazam al lah hammad ulana hal maklah!

They’ll just see a privileged White dude living in the south, you’re doomed. :sunglasses: They’re coming to get those reparations White boy, whether you call yourself a Marxist or not. [It matters not.]

Whatchu talkin bout, Willis. I need some gotdamn reparations myself. If muhfuckas I worked for in the last twenty years started giving back to me what I made them, they’d be reparating for the next twenty years and I’d be straight.

You’re an evil White man just like me, we ain’t getting shit all back of the fucking bus home skillet, them economic reparations or gibs are for people of color only, now sit your ass down. :laughing: :sunglasses:

[Class dismissed.]

Holy shit.

‘home skillet’

I haven’t said that phrase in over twenny five years. We’re bringing it back, and may god bless you.

home skillet.

“There is no brakes on this bus and we ain’t stoppin ‘in sheeit’ , you motherfucking cracka ass crackers better be quiet back there with your turkey jive, you the new negroes now. You get nuthin Whiteboyz! It’s motherfucking reparations time!” :sunglasses:

I agree with this to a large extent.