Steemit's DTube

A new video platform to replace YouTube’s commitment to silence free legal speech.
By all means, check it out YouTubers and let me know from your experience with YouTube how DTube compares.

Well, thoughts about DTube?

A sad day for free speech indeed when only certain opinions can be tolerated on a supposedly public platform that is available to anyone

I have just watched the last one from Paul Joseph Watson who may be looking else where to post from now on going on what he has said
I do not agree with everything he says but he has no less right than anyone else to say what he thinks and so I should be able to hear him

Now I suppose the virtual monopoly YouTube has means that they can decide who can and can not post but it does not make it right though
A single open platform that everyone watches is infinitely better than smaller ones that may be less well known and therefore less watched

I’m fine with YouTube becoming a ghost town, along with Cloudfare, Twitter, and the rest of the corporate liberal conspirators who want to kill the USA.