Stephen Hawking Dies At 76.

Stephen Hawking Dies At 76 Years Of Age.

8 January 1942- 14 March 2018.

I’ve never really liked Stephen Hawking’s neo liberal politics or his cosmopolitan political affiliations however with that being said he was an early trail blazer in advanced physics contributing much to its intellectual discourse and demonstrated to the world that even the mind of a physically handicapped person can become invaluable to the world concerning applied intelligence. Even with him being handicapped he seemed to generally want to serve the world in an intellectual capacity almost in a stoic like sense. If you read some of his statements the last four years he warned against the coming dangers of artificial intelligence and the complete technological automation of society something of which I am also equally skeptical of. I think we would all do well to heed his final warnings on that.

RIP Stephen.

Yea I’d like to look into his pessimistic predictions for humanity.

I think the last three to four years he has written articles and done interviews on the subject.

Cool, I’m going to search for those.