stop it

Stop Leftism.
now please. Now would be good.

And you now what we can stop rightism while we’re at it.
And centrism too.

We can stop politics.

Why politics at all?


Some of the protesters had t-shirts that said ‘I can’t breathe’. A friend of mine pointed out how this is a good complaint in general. IOW if the focus of some white guy wearing such a shirt is just on the guy killed by the cop, he is radically missing something. We can’t breathe. And they want us to have less air and to pay for it. Something fundamentally apolitical does not care if we can breathe. The beast has left and right arms. Whatever arm can make the shift towards no air at all, the beast will use. And if the beast can get us to root for one of its arms, it is just plain old happy and laughing its way to the bank.

Nostalgic backward trip into the when I was 21. Patricia Hearst aka. ’ Tanya ’ Kidnapped by the symbianese liberation army. I wonder if that was a wake up call , or an attempt at foreshadowing.
A lot of seeds planted for chickens who are coming home to roost.