Strange Events

Why am I logged in but can’t reply? Why can’t I log out?

Ben, do me a favor, will ya? Either fix my account or banish me from ILP forever. Since my little tussle with Trix, I have been hacked by spyware, my hard drive has been copied, and all sorts of various programs have been installed on my computer without my consent.

So here’s the deal. If you are a powerless administrator who cannot fix this problem, then please, delete me from the member list.

Playing petty games with the internet geeks is a waste of my time. If I’m not safe from it here, well, then I’d rather not participate.

Thanks in advance.

Dear Imposter,

Please feel free to fuck off of your own accord. Giving me ultimatums about fixing things that aren’t my problem doesn’t motivate me to help out. Got a problem? Ask politely and you might get an answer.

Yours lovingly,

  • ben

P.S. - Your refund is in the mail.

I take it that’s the end of de’trop/Nanook. Tis a shame, quite enjoyed reading (most of) his posts.



Oh em gee! (OMG!)




I just recieved an e-mail that prompted me to “check out the help and suggestions thread at ILP,” to quote it, and I find this.

Firstly, Ben, that post was not mine. Someone(I assume is this “Hero” character) is continuing with the games.

What’s odd is that they are aware of the problems I am having with my computer, problems only I(excepting a few others) should know about. This indicates that this mystery person is most likely the one who hacked my computer, posted “die of kidney failure,” and attempted to send me viruses.

So, I gotta say, I surrender. Show yourself, I am at your mercy. You win.

I don’t want to blame anyone directly, and will keep my suspicions to myself.

I apologize for that post, Ben, and I assure you I am having no problems logging in.

I’ll get to the bottom of this eventually.

Hi Nanook,

I thought there might be something dodgy going on when the IP’s didn’t all match up. I apologise for directing what I said at you. I hope you get to the bottom of whatever is going on with your computer.

  • ben

Dude, seriously. Funny.

No, not funny, Rafa.

I didn’t tell you I got an e-mail shortly after the Nazi incident which had a folder of every porn picture on my roomates hard drive since the week before it. Somebody had hacked in, took some temporary folders, and mailed them to me.

Well, funny, yes, but not as in not serious.

Thenn… reformat?

Back up your shit, reformat your drive, get Norton, update windows, and don’t download shit from someone unless you trust them/it.

Is it possible to ban a guest by name? Ben, you know that you can ban a member by username, e-mail address, IP, or any combination of the three, right? Is this possible to do with Guest? You could ban any guest from posting under the name, “nanook”.

Or, is this not possible? Just trying to help. :confused: :wink:

Yup it’s possible but Nanook confessed by PM that it was him playing silly buggers all along. So no need to ban anyone, maybe advise Nanook to seek help though(?)

  • ben

Oh well. :wink:


You should be shot for insubordination!

Here I am trying to weed out this “Hero” fella and you come along and fuck it all up.

Off to the gallows you go, young man.

What’s up with you, Nanook? You never used to be like this. What happened? :confused: :confused: :wink:

Give it some time, he grows on ya… one of the severely misunderstood…

Like a wart, kinda.


Even his avatar is corny. I mean, it’s not too often I hear of a computer catching on fire like an office building, but maybe I’m just naive. :wink:

Actully the mail server where I work went on fire sunday morning!!!

Overclock a few CPU’s or mess around with your powersource. If you do any DirectX programming, you can sometimes get your gfx card to melt…but only intentionally.

Everyday across this planet at least one computer catches fire. Maybe you’re next. Better check your fans.