Stronger With Religion?

In other words, does the feeling of an earnest belief in something supernatural compensate certain qualities that humans lack? It is hard to say if the belief itself does, and it is impossible to say whether or not the object of their belief exists.

By observation, belief in the supernatural, or “religion”, brings oft-perceived oddity to the believer. Persecution, ridicule, and things of the like are not withheld from such people. They are deemed “strangers”, “outcasts”, and are quite often killed in the name of complacency, contentment, and convenience.

The question is, why do these people willingly step into such a thing? What drives them to go as beacons of their “faith”, to die in the name of Allah, Jesus, or Loki?

Strength, of course.

Even if it is false hope, even if it is simply their very nature, searching for answers, fabricating one, and hyping it up - strength is still alive and well, and strength is what fuels other virtues such as courage and mercy. Yes, one does become stronger through religion. Each time a martyr dies in the name of his beliefs, he proves this once again.

Any passion that a man may have causes the same effect. When you have a passion, you have a “purpose” (or a false sense of purpose, but that is irrelevant), and man is stronger with a purpose, a passion, a religion.


or perhaps peer pressure…conformity…

This is true. It illustrates the power of mind over matter and also distinguishes us from all other species in the animal kingdom.

But it is a tragedy when such faith is founded on falsehood, a tragedy not only for the faithful but even for all mankind, eg 9/11.

Why stop at 9/11 and the muslim radicals

Zionism-the belief that God entitled the Jews to a promised land and that that that land is Palestine. Strength is all well and good, but too often it becoms inflexibility. Rigid beliefs that a person believes that the belief is all that they are i.e. Jews that only see themselves as Jews and not Humans, Israelis, Brothers, Sisters, and god forbid, world citizens. Not to pick on the Jews, it is the same with many Christians, Muslims (not to pick on the western religions, but i can’t think of instances with Buddhists and Hindus) and even sports fans. These people are constatly on a defensive footing and feel like they are the most victimized and persecuted religion. Which brings to mind a line from the Art of War about faking and injury to gain the people’s support. But I digress.

Firm beliefs are the enemy of interpersonal and international relations and a detriment to mankind. We must have ideas that can be changed. We must be malleable, flexible like water.

The beliefs that provide the “strength” you speak of is the kind of strength in the hearts of suicide bombers.