I plan on makin more stuff some time soon.


Wow that first one is awesome. Very surreal and artistically impressive, especially for a kiddie.

Thank you, Eclipse. Surrealism in fact a firm favourite of mine. I’ll be painting again soon because, frankly, there’s nothing else I want to do except paint, and little else makes sense to me right now. But actually, the painting was a reaction to a sketch I saw of a man’s nonchalant face with the head of a barking dog next to it. It was a sketch my uncle owned and I knew why he liked it so much, because like the man next to the dog’s face my uncle was also totally unaffected by most of life around him. Consequently I tried to destroy him in my painting. But he only ends up looking a little sad. And the girl is cut up on the rocks and sea shore…X :-({|=
Picture 008.jpg

Very good stuff. Did you ever sell any?

The keys are brilliant. Any work from when you’re not a kiddie?

thanx. but i dont really paint or draw so much anymore. those were my childhood and high school days. Now the only things i paint are morbid grotesque things, like floating vaginas and breasts that have turned into heads, and people eating themselves and their veins flowing out of their bodies into people’s mouths. stuff like that :blush: stuff that will never sell, that are meant for a small sector of the population only. I havent painted this stuff in a while though, cuz in my new country visual obscenities are banned/frowned upon. I also prefer to be a sculptor anyway, its more fun than painting for me these days. I actually threw most of my artworks away before i came to my new country.

So? It’s still art. Post it.