Subconscious PTSD Treatment Therapy

“We found that a lot of these war veterans who suffer from PTSD, in their deep subconscious, they got a code that comes even before they suffered the trauma and this passive code became active because of the trauma. This code is life equals danger,” Lev said. “People who have PTSD share the same conditioning, life equals danger, and this conditioning comes from their genetics, DNA and even their childhood from their parents. It can be even a passive code, but the traumatic event makes it active. The other code most of the people who suffer from PTSD have is I equals delete. It means that they actually delete themselves.” She said because they have this code, or conditioning, they “delete” themselves and make it so “they do not exist.”

“And after we release that trauma, we refer to the inner codes in order to release these codes, life equals danger and I equals delete,” through a specialized process. “We change life equals danger to life equals security and safety” using the brain’s alpha waves. “And when you change I equals delete to I equals exist, people become alive again.We reprogram them. They exist in their bodies and they are able to focus on the present and the anxiety is released. When we release the trauma, the people become more calm and balanced.”

  • Subconscious expert Arian Lev