Subject = organism.
Life begins by perceiving outward, the world, and then gradually evolves the ability to perceive itself within the world, from a projected third-person perspective - objectivity.

Object/Objective = world. Fluctuating, dynamic, changing and yet full of patterns of consistent predictability, i.e., order.
Flux = order (patterned energies + chaos ([size=85]non-patterned energies[/size]) interacting.
Chaos necessitates the evolution of free-will, so as to usurp the body’s automated, spontaneous reactions to stimuli - to interactions with the world, so as to make adaptation more efficient and therefore more effective in real time.

Subject interprets - judges, evaluates - the object/objective and adapts its choices accordingly.
The accuracy - quality - of its judgment determines the effectiveness of its choices…and so determines its success/failure when and if applied - choice is the application of judgement in real time.

Different subjective interpretations of itself, its object/objectives and the effort/work necessary to attain, reach, the object/objective, determines the consequences, i.e., future options.
Subjective interpretations suffer the same consequences as those described in natural selection - Evolution Theory.
Bad, erroneous, inaccurate, subjective evaluations, interpretations, produce more negative than positive consequences and are gradually filtered out of the gene/pool unless…and this is crucial, they are protected from the severity of the negative by an external agency, e.g., institution, other, collective etc. This intervention propagates the error and the quality of mind that produced it, leading to a gradual accumulation of negative consequences.

Subject creates a mental map of reality and the how phenomena interlace - interconnect - and then acts in accordance with this mental map.
Consequences - good/bad - are always relative to the subject’s expectations, projections, evaluations.

Three factors are being evaluated.
Self, objective and effort/distance between the two.
So, three kinds of errors may produce a negative consequence.
First - an over- or under-estimation of self.
Second - an over- or under-estimation of the objective - reaching the extreme of projecting it out of existence and rendering it unattainable.
Third - a miscalculation of the effort/word/distance between subject/object, by-product of the first two estimations/evaluations.

Three different ways to render the subjective inferior or superior to another subjective evaluation/interpretation.

If all were equal then intelligence and larger brains would never have evolved.
There would be no advantage to being more objective in one’s evaluations/estimations, since all subjective judgements and choices would lead to the same kind of consequences, i.e., subjective.

Moral Currency,

The problem about this “genetic pollution” is that it does not always get expunged from societies, or may require years… decades… perhaps even Centuries. When individuals and groups are “allowed” their ignorance, without paying the costs, then those costs never disappear, they are only redistributed, usually to the Poor, or any Underclass. In China, the “social credit system” is an evolving mechanism to redirect political dissent to those with asocial compulsions.

The weak are punished by those in power. This creates Tyranny, Injustice, and Corruption over time. Social systems become unstable.

The liberal-left-democrat, Communist and Marxist uprising in the United States, correctly perceive these institutions as “Privilege”. Those who are “privileged” can error, indefinitely, without paying costs and consequences, as such costs and consequences are redirected to others. This happens through a combination of “ignorance and innocence”.

What the liberal-left-democratic political Bloc are ignorant of, themselves, is their own “privilege”. Or, privilege used as a “projection”.

Accuse the other side of what your side is guilty of.”

This is a powerfully effective and efficient method of ‘Redistributing’ collectivized Guilt and Shame, from oneself, onto political enemies and adversaries.

This takes place daily on this forum.

There are two basic ways to evaluate the quality of a subjective estimation/interpretation, i.e., its probability of accuracy, its quality of truth.

1- Theoretically by comparing it to a shared reality, and/or by comparing it to another subjective perspective in relation to a shared world - objective standard independent from all subjective evaluations/interpretation, outside all intervening external agencies.

2- By application, viz., returning the subjective evaluation/interpretation of the object/objective, i.e., world, back to the world via actions, i.e., choice, and evaluating the consequences in relation to the expectations, projections.

The second is more reliable, the first is more efficient.
Consequences reveal the quality of judgement.
Choices reveals judgement.

If all subjective perspectives were equal then there would be no need for higher cognitive abilities to evolve, since nothing would be wrong, so nothing would have to be adjusted.

There is no subjectivity without an objective world…unless one believes in a universal mind within which we are all but inferior subjects to.
Here the objective world, independent from and indifferent to all subjective perspectives, is replaced by a cosmic caring consciousness - God.
God becomes world/nature…the object/objective.

Inter-Subjectivity = Marxism, postmodernism.
Collectivization of the negative consequences of bad judgements making bad choices, are shared among the group as a moral duty.
In Abrahamism these negative consequences are considered a sin all will pay for - the world, existence, is a negative state - fallen state, imperfect - which will be “corrected” after death - in the beyond - or in the world - future - through a final unification into oneness or negation in a final nil.

Collectivization of bad choices replaces the collectivization of bad genes, manifesting inferior social status.
The collective is now morally obligated to absorb the bad judgement calls of its members - no adjustment is required and so collapse is inevitable.

Subject can affect - influence - other subjects either through seduction ([size=85]eros[/size]), coercion ([size=85]thanatos[/size]), bribery ([size=85]combination of eros/thanatos[/size]) - physical/body - or…convincing ([size=85]reason[/size]) - mind.

What does objectivity describe?
An approach towards divinity, or the god perspective.

I’ve described it above…subjective consciousness is outwardly oriented - has no sense of self. It perceives other.

Self-consciousness is an advancement where the conscious mind perceives itself perceiving - from a third-person perspective.
Nihilism begins here , as a detachment from self and other, attaining a detached third-person perspective that exposes the ego - lucid self - to how it relates with otherness, producing anxiety and insecurity.
This develops into a school of thought - defensive use of semiotics - that strives to use language - symbols/words - to fabricate an ideological wall between ego and self, or mind and body.
The objective, motive, is permanent detachment…whereas objectivity as a means, is a striving towards clarity.

Here we must mention how asceticism differs in Abrahamism and Hellenism.
In Abrahamism, or nihilism, the end is self-denial, whereas in Hellenism it is a means towards the end of increasing strength/power via askesis ([size=85]exercise[/size]), the root word of ascetic - άσκηση: exercise, practice, controlled self-denial, controlled stress/suffering, agon.

There is no subjective without an objective, i.e., a movement/momentum towards a destination, a goal. For those who have made objectivity their objective it is a movement towards a subjectivity devoid of emotion, need, desire; movement towards indifference.