Tonight’s sunset was one for the relish books. Just wow! :smiley:

Did anyone else enjoy?

I did also myself. :wink:

“The Plan” is to catch another lovely :happy-sunshine: set with my puppy’s leash in one hand and a mug of coffee in the other. This is official; the alarm clock is set.

Puppy shall ruin it by pissing all over your shoes just as it happens.

Ah, but sunset another word for twilight, and how many geat ones before, and to follow!

No comfortable opportunity lost during tonight’s sunset. Still a heatwave. Drive may happen later.

Why are the stars so crystal clear and low tonight? Friendly constellations but no visible moon.

We are supposed to have a super moon in a day or two. Can’t recal when

I am triggered by this post. Reminds me of my ex- who called herself Harley Q. She used to talk to me about sunsets. She never calls me anymore.


Tonight’s sunset was so beautiful, it was like a soft lullaby.

Why do you keep triggering me with this talk of sunsets.

Okay Trixiebelle, the moon is shining down gloriously, no bumping into any dark voids tonight. Kris was right.

Tomorrow at 16 45 our time or a bit later where you are

:slight_smile: clouds all covering super moon, but, the affect was cool.

:obscene-buttred: Moonbeams everywhere. :obscene-buttmoon:



Tonight’s moon cares not for the interceding clouds, it blasts right through. Bravo!

Aiming for a sunrise in less than 30 min. :happy-sunny: More fog? Nooooooooo! Seasonal depression makes coffee taste weak.

Didn’t you hear what they whispered to you? “WendyDarling - be inspired. Write a poem to us.”
“Dance across the Milky Way ~~ gaze through us. Let us be your crystal balls.
Your poem shall become your destiny.”

Arc, you’re such a romantic and I love that about you. :romance-heartbeating:

My poetry causes more pain than it’s worth, believe me, it’s terrible.

I fucking hate sunsets.