Swiss vote on limiting top pay to 1200 times that of lowest

Swiss vote on limiting top pay to 1200 times that of lowest paid workers

I believe this is still capitalism but want your views.

It’s not limiting CEO pay but it is saying if company X made a profit then the whole team that helped make that profit shares.

When you look at the factoring between highest and lowest wage the gap as grown 50 times in the past 30 years.

We a getting to a point where the economy is becoming gang warfare and survival of the fittest.

If I or me and my gang steal from a rich person did we earn that money?

Bernie Maddoff thought he earned his money.

The experiment to be voted on in Switzerland will sweep worldwide or economic chaos will ensue shortly here as has happened in the middle east.
Please comment

Sounds like progress to me. Sure, it’s still Capitalism but it’s better than what we had before.
There’s still material incentive to do better and climb higher, it’s just not so punishing to those stuck at the bottom. It’s so obvious that the workers who made such profits possible at all should benefit from them - and it’s just as obvious that workers who feel poor will not keep spending, keeping the economy going. Workers that feel more secure should work better as well, but most importantly have a better quality of life, which is the whole point.

Normally, increasing worker wages will just mean hiked prices and inflation, but limiting top pay will prevent that nicely without eliminating inequality and a sense of competition and achievement: higher pay is still higher pay. The policy simply makes sense all round.

First off, I can’t stand this moralistic stance, this “punish the rich” morality and idea, this idiotic envy based, " oh I am poor and I want the rich to make less money" crappy BS idea!

Totally wrong approach, totally wrong from every point of view, serves just to distract, confuse and fool the losers and poorer people: what they should enforce is a maximum amount of money the basics should cost compared to the minimum wage: this would really get something done, not the envy, “oh the rich boss makes so much” BS that serves to make people fight each other over totally insignificant things in the larger scheme of things.

So given a minimum wage of say 500 dollars worldwide, a rent for a decent home (3 bedroom + kitchen and well built and in a good area!) shall not be priced more than 100 dollars a month, health care should not be priced more than 50 dollars a month for all possible needs and so forth, really kick them all where it really hurts, in home prices, real estate prices, rents and health care prices, and so on, running water, electricity and transportation shall not be priced more than 50 dollars a month, a complete meal 3 times a day shall not be pirced more than 50 dollars a month and so on.

This would be much more important than the idiotic, stupid, envy based idea of limiting how much the bosses or rich make, what a bunch of crap! And in fact who proposes this wants to protect the status quo, wants to make the poor feel as if they are actually getting something in return when in all truth they are getting nothing, being fooled and all the basics cost way past their minimum salary worldwide and so forth.

What should be stated and believed in is very simple: the rich, the bosses, the capitalists, the corrupt, the lucky or whatever or who even cares! can make as much as they want, can make trillions (which they will continue to make anyways, there are millions of ways to gain that cash “not paid in salary” anyways, to hide it, to get money in stealth mode and so on) as long as the minimum wage allows the poor loser making it to rent a home and buy all the basics without running out of money.

How it stands today is that just a rent of a one room crap house costs more than 500 dollars a month worldwide, anywhere on earth, the minimum wage finishes the first day of the month when you pay rent, this is what is really a scandal and really important to stress, but people are all just to stupid to see this, they prefer being envious and fighting the rich making so much.

And then who cares, an economy and peoples should be free to pay whoever they want as much as they want, this is totally irrelevant, if person A feels that person B must be paid a billion dollars a year, who cares, who are you to poke your nose into it ? mind your own business!


Another thing: the vote is on basing the highest pay not being 12 times more than the lowest (not 1200).

Anyways the real class struggle is always amongst the lower classes, between the poor and the relatively poorer people, the real class struggle is between middle class and poor and so on, always between the lower classes anyways. The rich don’t fight the poor directly, that don’t have to, they already all won.

So you have the middle class home owner that wants to rent a house and asks for 1,000 dollars a month rent from the poor low wage slob, so the fight is between the middle class home renter and the poor slob that has to give his entire paycheck to rent and so on.

It is set up so weak people fight between themselves, it is a fight between have and have nots, and now the middle class home owner may need that rent money because he is now unemployed and so on.

A constant struggle and fight, all against all, all fighting an imaginary resource scarcity war when there are no resource scarcities, only an old fashion idea of still having to work when work is no longer needed.

Reach out and touch faith. O:)