Tea & fascinating

tea oh tea
a part served with tea fascinating river, as the dome
shines far above the little Zen hug
On desolation peak,shining grass, the tea a party a tea party
reel forward the dome shining dome on snowy peak.

Tea pot
dome another, then gate , communities gated,
tea pot ,

contrast paid with tea, and. Nicaragua and columbia, Havana brothels and jails opened, landing in Miami beach,
smoking away what’s left if the best minds of our generation,

Who remembers long ago sports car, paid with blood diamonds and mary juana, many a summer dies the swan,

who would not like to relive the Mexico city
dreams, where little slicked half boys ate lunch,
naked, could have been your grandson,?

Old bull summer of 1982 up in hazeen colorado, walking through the lawn .

delorian fantasies for every car salesman and Corso’s gasoline,

fuming for asking silly question about the brain tissue akin to seminal fluid.

Ezra Pound described it and the old bull denied reading him, that sweltering Denver summer soaking in a tub full of verses,

my own little Idaho denver, before that 25 years ago , on the road sent chills down on spines STI hopping to Peggy loo as she barreled down old highway of lost souls.

Wanna have some re a before think in of wages lost in Las wages. Cause so many things. Janus will under stand, and may be MarsH will also even if she dont know what im talking about.

Let me start with the wise, guys, but mabee I should hold my tongue on that too.

It may cross as crass and indolent, and I just can’t stand people may be thinking that way.

But it will take me time to git home and find the tea, and then , partially differentiate it from other things crossing me mind.

Anyway, it’s just the way things are shaping up, as I indicated it may be anytime now.

Really trying very hard to let it out, very hard, and as I promised a few years back, when the dance gets to the part of the 7th veil, it surmises to be an unbearable situation

Are you home yet?

What’s the fascinating part? I get the tea. :smiley:

Spent frustrating two houds writing about it. Cam hardly see even with glasses, that is why problem with writing and pushed the wrong button and whack! Lost the dam. Thing two and one hours, now I can appreciate Henry millers saying that writing is mode frustrating then driving a dog of a truck

Well that s not whoa he said it exactly

The fascinating character ill cl violet I suppose needs to be built upon, flesh , sinew and bone, to create similacra of other characters through which her fascination will emerge. Other wise, guys, and gals will not join her in her garden, as if Emily. Dickinson could only assume their individual scents as well.

May as well be octopus’garden. fod all that could be assumed after all, presently.

ball but the tea, the tea, palm I want is a tee cried Richard III. Shrinking from the whilping as a squire would in nietZchess squads, before they killed horses didn’t they

So. True to form and deadly to edut, let’s start with violet the wilt, and go on and explain about Violet, and her very precious archytype, so that she can become immortal , .

Crafting is tough, and with sorely eyes lagging, the presumptetures lagging right with or amongsude.

But right is right the same with wrong, following
cutoff pdinciple I leave you with foretaste now.

“Are you home yet”

Yes. Back.thanks. in one peace. Will gather moss off of rolling muses, ASAP as possible.

MagsJ says:

“Are you home yet”

Got home in one piece , thanks for asking

Reading new ILP content… sometimes it takes a while to absorb. :neutral_face:



What’s the fascinating part? I get the tea. :smiley:
MagsJ says:

“Are you home yet”

Got home in one piece , thanks for asking
Reading new ILP content… sometimes it takes a while to absorb. :neutral_face:

I understand Mags , im similar that way , plus I procrestinate a lot. Think in on continuing the buildup of Violet W, but waiting for spaced out moments. In that way character flaws can be hidden.

I mean it, I need space and time the old fashioned way. The good holidays draw me, what the heck all know about vampiristic idylls.

Oh what have I done! …but I think things can be rectified …it will take a little effort on my part, but will definitely be worth it.

Just as I was starting to like he, he’s now gone, but I’m sure it’s not a permanent situation… or at least I hope not. I guess this is what happens when we take other’s presence for granted.

Socrates said… what did he say. :neutral_face:

There is little cause for concern ,
I assure You. It was only a slight inconvenience.at worst. Behind Socrates is Plato, and there is absolute no reason for it, as his spirit is all entailing.

Thanks, MagsJ.

…you say that like you’re sure, but how do you know that you can be so… sure?

…and what did Plato say? What will we All opine? I’ve done this to my self, but why? What was done, can also be undone.

What he said was less of a consequence then what we ‘moderns’ think about him, and for some strange unforeseeable reason, Heidegger comes to mind. Well, not really that unforeseeable. But the thing of the matter is concerning Heidegger’s and Plato’s relationship, and I feel the question of that has been fairly well explained.

The oft neglected relationship into the question of Heidegger’s Dasein is difficult ( for me ) and still wanting to understand it, but perhaps the spirit of Plato can expunge any remaining suspicion of fault of Heidegger, of his interpretation of Nietzche’s assumed guilt , vis what went down in the World Wars, those struggles , the causes of which still outstanding

The fascinating part in any story or narrative, is and You are right, in how we can misrepresent our self in the most simple terms, and then regret later four the faults in defficiant language, and then 'he’is gone, but that is against my principals, and I hope he understands that.

After they are gone, we miss them incredibly.

Indeed we do… but the situation has been diverted, and resolved itself.

Thanks for the ear, Meno… not sure about the outcome I desire from it now tho…

As far as I can see, the fact is some bind mercilessly, and any resolution may may not contend with the luxury of separation on any level.

It’s simply impossible , because of an emerging strategy, that requires a stand, as no parady or satire can foreclose upon. No way , even if, it turns into a jest, by neccesity. It’s optics are at fault, more then ‘it’s’ foundations.
As Machiavellian that sounds, it really is straight from conscience.



Kombucha and wabi sabi

Hello MagsJ: I wouldn’have believed it, but there really is such a concoction.


I did not intend the whole history of Japanese tea history to be included, but thought You will ignore all except the connection between Buddhism and tm the whole evolved culture of tea drinking

Tea & fascinators… to be worn when attending an afternoon Tea.

Funny how it is the Japanese who are known for the tea ceremony, when it is the Chinese who invented it… they also invented Kombucha, which I make/love… it’s health-benefits are insane. I would recommend.