Teenage love

If it were not worth it why would so many people, all over the world, do it every moment of a minute, every minute of an hour, every hour of a day? I mean fall in love.
It’s not that we don’t want or don’t need independence, quite the contrary, but we do need a chance to show that we are capable of the one thing that we try to deny when we are not doing it
For now (teenager) we will be told that our lives are fine the way they are and by introducing something like that all we are doing is adding to the stress, worry and aggravation that is teenage life.
When it does happen, it takes us up in a twister, turns our world upside down and back to front, it scares us until we know no fear like it, it excites us until we want nothing but it and it confuses us so that our heads feel like empty boxes, our thoughts are leaves dragged on the wind and our stomachs are kaleidoscopes.
To insult us further we are told that it is nothing, that it isn’t what we think it is, that what we feel is all medial hype, a form of fashion, a new trend, a varying disposition of society
It’s a fact, what teenagers feel is beyond what any adult feels, because of the hormone thing apparantly, but what teenagers feel is rubbished and what adults feel is framed and put out of reach of children

I’m trying to find out why this is.

Are adults trying to prevent us from disappointment?
Are they discrediting our feelings to prevent us from feeling incomplete in later life when we are in a similar position but we tell ourselves that it isn’t the same thing because we don’t feel as strongly, that our hearts don’t reach out every time we hear that name, and our stomachs leap into our mouths when our bodies happen to touch, and it doesn’t matter how much they hurt you, our how much they lie or break your trust you still feel and know that you are putty in their hands, a puppet
And there is no explaination for it and there is no need for it, is it a synthetic feeling? A nice thought taken too far and spread thickly over humanity We don’t need it for survival; we don’t need it for peace
Why does it happen?

Sorry its a bit long

An uncontrollable smile crept onto my face as I read your post Sparky :slight_smile: I do remember the first time I had the exact feelings you describe. I had never been on such an extreme emotional rollercoaster before, and neither have I ever since.

I do not think that adults are attempting to discredit your feelings; they are true. What the adults realize is that there is a lot more to love than just having feelings of excitement, fear, and anxiety. Basically, their defintion of love is different then yours. The only real way to learn what love is, is though tacit understanding, or rather by experiencing it. Love involves not just infatuation (which is what the feelings really are), but also being able to depend on the one you love like you could depend on yourself, and so much more. Take a look at your parents (assuming they are together and have a healthy relationship); they may not have those feeling of infatuation every time they see eachother, but they would most likely die for one another. That is love. At least in its mature state.

Adults made such realizations most likely as a result of having had the painful experience of having their hearts broken, which has a very grounding and life changing effect; you will never so innocently fall in love again. I think having your heart broken is one of the huge factors that redefines what the word love actually means to you. As for people that marry their highschool sweatheart, I would imagine that they one day have a revelation at just how fotunate they are.

My advice is to enjoy every second of this time while you can, and just take it for what it is worth. Most teenage love ends in turmoil and drama, but you will eventually appreciate the feelings you had for someone. Someday you will look back on the experience with appreciation for the good times and an equal appreciation for what the experience taught you.

Have fun Sparky, and congratulations. And if you ever need someone to explain the birds and the bees, don’t ask Matt or Ben :stuck_out_tongue:

er…have i missed something? why would i not be good to ask about the birds and the bees?

  • ben

I was just taking friendly pot shots at you and Matt (ungroundingly insinuating that neither of you know the intricancies of pleasing a woman :sunglasses: )If anything, you should feel honored, as I selected you two because you’re mature enough to handle a joke.

Which I think you’ve demonstrated.