Teleology: Extrinsic vs. Intrinsic

Rules for debate:

Open for anyone who wants to be my opposition.

The position I will be arguing is that nothing has intrinsic value, everything we know is an anthropomorphism and it cannot be any other way.

Round 1:
Post from myself stating first argument denying intrinsic value. (500-1000 words)
Post from opposition stating his/her argument affirming either both intrinsic and extrinsic or only intrinsic valuation. (500-1000 words)

Round 2:
Rebuttals from both parties. (2 posts)

Round 3:
Rebuttals of rebuttals from both parties. (2 posts

Round 4:
Concluding statements and how our views changed, if at all. (2 posts)

Round 5:
An indifferent third party summarizing the debate quality, argumentation structure and the final decision of who wins. (1 post)

Can I be a judge of the debate?

…and I will cajole with the other spectators from the sidelines :smiley: lol

My previous post was one of sincerity Venture in case you were wondering.

I want to find the primary position of an opposition before we decide on that role. I have no problem with you doing it.

This is the kind of debate I would enjoy watching and participating in. When you get your opposition I’ll be around here.

I would be willing to take on a form of the opposing position, or at least a stance of metaphysical agnoticism upon the subject, but I do not accept the terms of debate. I am not interested in winning or losing, nor am I interested in presenting or examining ideas within a formula. If you wish to have a form of debate wherein those observing may decide after, then I am willing to make contributions, only I would prefer the matter examined clearly and with the proper consideration it is due, and not in the manner of cheerleaders rooting at a public sporting event.

I have to also be forthcoming and say I partly reject the classical view of intrinsic value or purpose, which is not to say I wholly reject the notion of intrinsic value or purpose.

The position I would be willing to defend is thus, things do have intrinsic purposes or values, but these are not irrespective of the relations of things to humans, but are an inseverable and necessary, in the sense of irrevocable, part of the human condition. These values are intrinsic in that they are given in natural relation of the human species to things, and is given by what prefigures and thus is not given or determined by the will of man, but understood or experienced through being in the world.

If you are interested in this discussion then you will consider this my first post despite it only containing 255 words and not reaching the minimum 500.

Excellent, we have a contender.

You should probably have a look at the description of the Debate forum. A discussion can be had in any forum, a formal, rule-bound debate can be had here.

Better to start a thread in Philosophy or somewhere else. This thread is for laying out the business of a formal, structured, “cheerleaders rooting at a public sporting event” debate.

I most certainly did not read the forum rules. I came here as a free citizen intent to discuss philosophy and that is what I will use the forum for, so far as it is sufficient for such practices.

Since the administrator does not approve of my method of discussion I will likely be forced to withdraw. I am still open to discussion of the subject in the forums.