Tell me how God has ever been?

I’m a hyper empath.

When people are excluded, I hurt.

When I have a girlfriend, I hurt.

When I don’t have a girlfriend, I hurt.

When I have a friend, I hurt.

When I don’t have a friend, I hurt.

When I have an enemy, I hurt.

When someone hurts me, I hurt.

When someone is hurt, I hurt.

I always hurt. I’m tired of being hurt.

Even in a shitty world like this… the least god can do is disempower abusers before they abuse.

I always say… disempower, isolate and debate until they see the value of relationship.

This is well within the purview of spirit to do.

Hell is, always has been and always will be immoral.

Disempowerment is moral.

This means something to me because of (besides being hurt all the time no matter what happens in this reality type), I’ve been to thousands of hell realms for no reason.

Real spirits sent me to real hell.


So disempowering and isolating doesn’t hurt? It’s all gonna hurt? Why not do something good with it since it’s all gonna hurt anyway? Maybe it’s supposed to hurt so that you’ll feel like you actually did something That was worth the cost? And maybe it doesn’t always hurt, like when you get to celebrate your success with joy. And maybe sometimes the success is being OK with the hurt. Maybe it’s OK to struggle sometimes just as long as you’re not the one intentionally causing it without a light at the end of the tunnel. Seems like God should be in charge of that kind of struggle, and deciding what counts as light when it’s too far away for us to see.


You have no idea the difference between hell and disempowerment to prevent hell.

Disempowerment is the moral way.

Hell is the immoral way.

false. Love has be a choice, so hell being a real option makes the choice a real one. That’s why the most powerful and connected are actually choosing hell every time they reject Golden Rule love. Those who choose Golden Rule love only use their power for love. They may have few connections, but they are more real than the connections of the empty-powerful. In the end… God… Love… owns this. He just let’s us play here. We’re mostly a bunch of monkeys missing the point. But he gives us time & room to figure that out. He knows the reward is greater if you don’t kill a hatching/emerging chick/butterfly. [ infinite clichés that are all true but everything still hurts ]

No. A good parent never allows consent violation to occur. There’s a reason it’s called apologetics.

There’s a reason it’s called Stockholm Syndrome.

You’re brainwashed.

You let the chicks hatch (etc) because it strengthens them for the next step. Falling before walking is part of it. There comes a time to leave the nest (or at least contribute to it as an equal), and it is a parent’s job to prepare their children to leave the nest (or at least contribute to it as an equal). So many different ways to approach that, so many ways a child will adapt to it, so many adults that are produced from it. We see that if a child is completely sheltered, the parents did not prepare them for the kind of love it takes to truly thrive despite circumstances.

(eventually a child can learn independent from their parents … but … God knows when and why growth is stunted)

You’re brainwashed.

Existence doesn’t NEED to work that way!!!

It’s apologetics on your part.

You argue the devil … to put it in terms you might understand.

Maybe there is more to existence than what is necessary?

There are needs. Not superfluous stuff. But real needs.

Those needs are not suffering for anyone forever.

Everyone is different. So all those needs are different.

Some needs may be diametrically opposed.

That’s why everyone requires their own individual universe where their needs are fulfilled without harming any possible being in existence (including you)

Your hypothetical god could have done this.

We are free to seek satisfaction for our need for the Good, Beautiful, and True Being.

Hunger and thirst for those three things and you will be satisfied without price.

No one can take them from you, and there is more than enough for everyone.

The good, the beautiful and true being lets everyone get everything that they want at no other beings expense. Forever.

It’s called apologetics for a reason. You’re a devil worshiper. Satan is you and you are satan.

I love you, too, weirdo.

You’re deflecting the topic.

Yo, Meno!

You’re up!! :laughing:

INo, you are, you silly goose!

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I think “God” is just a word for “the way it all works”. It is like gravity - you can love or hate it - you can deny or accept it - but it is always best to work WITH it - else eventually it WILL bring you down.

== “Your choice.”

Hi obsrvr524,

Yowza. Glad “the way it works” is Golden Rule love. God can love circles around me any and every day. And does.

I would like to believe that this is NOT true. How can we ever really find that something that we really, really, really, really need if it is not, for example, waiting around the corner or on the top of the stairs, for us?

Are there not, or could there not be, through God’s omniscience, things put in place for us just at the right moment, in the right space? Call it serendipity or God.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
Jeremiah 29:11

Sure, things which destroy humanity…like racism, apathy, hatred…et cetera…evil things. Nothing necessary about them.

The Good (God) is the source of life that can overturn any death of those who seek true life.

It’s the only kind of antibody anyone ever really needs when the loose ends are tied.