The Abdicate President

Did anyone notice that Mr Joe Biden has never been expected to keep the office of US President even if elected? Have any of you communist pundits considered what happens to the world if he is elected?

The US Democrat party (the US Marxists) selected Mr Joe Biden to be their presidential candidate for the 2020 Presidential election. He had lost popular vote in his primary run against other contenders until suddenly it was announced that he was on top. He was then named by the US DNC as the nominee to run against Mr Trump.

Mr Biden then proved to be an outstandingly poor candidate as he glaringly displayed declining mental faculties and a history of anti-left wing and potentially criminal activity. Normally someone like that would never be chosen as a representative of a major political party. So why was he chosen? Why did the American network and social media cabal so vigorously promote him and attack Mr Trump? They greatly sacrificed themselves and the credibility of all journalism with their blatant bias. Why?

The first theories were about him being so obviously weak that the Marxists would be able to pull him as far left as they wanted. Ms Ocasio-Cortez, AOC, even stated that out loud. Then the theories shifted to the idea that he probably wouldn’t be able to make it through even one term of office so the Presidency would be left to the Vice President. And apparently he knew that himself. So who would he choose to be his replacement as President of the USA?

After some media gaming and backroom deals, Mr Biden finally announced that his running mate to be VP is Ms Kamala Harris, the absolute most left-wing liberal US Senator. Ms Harris had run against Mr Bidden in the primaries, attacked Mr Biden as a racist, and lost so badly in the poles as to drop out completely. So why her? How else do you get a Marxist into the White House?

Since then two interesting events have taken place concerning Mr Biden’s potential term in office. One concerning his own party and one concerning his adversaries, the Republican party.

Ms Pelosi is the Chairwoman of the House of Representatives in the US Congress. She is third in line to become the President if anything should happen to the President and Vice President (attempts were made). She is an extreme socialist and has gone very very far overboard in trying to impeach and remove Mr Trump for what was finally proven to be a Hillary Clinton and DNC distraction scam and the first coup overthrow attempt of a US President.

Ms Pelosi, after not being able to get rid of Mr Trump, has now introduced a Bill to allow Congress to act like Parliament with the ability to simply vote “no confidence” and remove a President (In the US the President works for the people directly, not for Congress or a parliament). She stated, and in this one case I can believe her, that the Bill is for “future Presidents”. So she is setting up a scheme to allow Ms Pelosi to simply kick Mr Biden out of office and not wait for him to give it up.

So just in case Mr Biden does voluntarily step down from office, the Marxists have guns aimed at him (although not yet loaded - the Bill hasn’t passed).

On the other side of the political battle (Communism versus Constitutionalism) Mr Biden’s criminal activity has been finally revealed by The New York Post (the oldest and 4th largest news outlet in the US now quickly banned from Twitter and Facebook). It is now out (despite US deep state and social media’s attempts to cover for him) that Mr Biden while the VP for Mr Obama was in the background criminally peddling US political influence for officials and business partners in China, Russia, Ukraine, and others. Mr Biden has an actual real 1920’s Chicago style crime family (befitting his age and mentality).

So even if Ms Pelosi can’t get rid of Mr Biden by a simple vote, Mr Biden’s exposed criminal activity will certainly allow for a quick impeachment and expulsion. The man is out either way. And it has already been promised that the US Senate and Supreme Court will become one socialist party governing the USA - no more US Constitution - no more thoughts of liberty allowed.

So now in the USA there is a Presidential candidate who has no chance of being the President for long at all. And he knows it.

It is obvious that Mr Biden is an abdicate Presidential candidate to usher in the first communist (and female) President of the USA using the old Greek-Roman Trojan Horse tactic.

Despite the Marxist’s ongoing attempts to keep the truth hidden through corporate network and social media silencing of any exposition, those are the basic facts of the matter.

So what do you think will happen to the entire world when (if) the USA becomes China-led communist?

No more US Constitution means US Communism which means World Communism. Do you think the EU, UK, Israel, Russia, India, Saudi Arabia, maybe Australia would be able to avoid being completely dominated and crushed into being the extremely dictatorial and murderous Chinese-style communist as well?

Brave New World only weeks away?

as your post had no facts or evidence to support it in any,
way, shape or form…so little in the way of facts as
you may as well have posted it in the “Rant house”
as it is nothing more then just false right wing talking points
taken from Faux News…


I thought this would get your attention and that you would reply as you have. Since you only read or listen to Marxist outlets, it was easy to predict.

The New York Post is certainly no sleazy low minded rag. Have you bothered to read it? Ever?
How about the Epoch Times? Ever heard of it?

Both are world famous and renowned. Both are hated and banned by Communist China.

How about Sky News? National Review? There are quite a number of others.

Do you ever read anything but the very communist propaganda that is being pointed out? Probably not.
Of course Facebook and Twitter ban any discussion at all from anyone concerning the issue and now have to report to the US Congress on their political election interference. So I can understand that you wouldn’t get the news that way either.

The question isn’t about whether you believe what you don’t bother to examine. The question is -

In terms of law, with international significance, the process pf differing ‘isms’ rules the procedures which acquire the personalities that are to play parts.

Not the other way!

How is that relevant or even related?

At first I wondered why the DNC elected such a weak, miserable, pathetic person to represent them.

But then I realized they intentionally want a weak leader so that the underlings, socialists, marxists, and Pelosi can all manhandle the President and run their own agendas through the office. This was confirmed and reinforced by the fact that the DNC essentially assigned Kamala Harris to VP.

The Establishment is being destroyed, and that’s a good thing, due to its overt and now open corruption.

I thought this would get your attention and that you would reply as you have. Since you only read or listen to Marxist outlets, it was easy to predict.

The New York Post is certainly no sleazy low minded rag. Have you bothered to read it? Ever?
How about the Epoch Times? Ever heard of it?

Both are world famous and renowned. Both are hated and banned by Communist China.

K: I just had to laugh when you brought up the NY POST…The post is a glossed up
National Inquirer… the Post is owned by world renowned sleazebag Rupert Murdoch…
world famous for it sensationalism, blatant advocacy and conservative bias…

in a survey conducted by Pace university, the POST was rated the "least
credible major news outlet in NY and the only new outlet to receive more
responses calling it “not credible” then credible (44% not credible 39% credible)

the POST is notorious for its erroneous reporting and has to settle numerous
defamation cases against it, Richard Jewell, for example…along with
accusations of Racism, ahhh, now we now why you like the POST so much…

please come back when you have something better then the NY POST…


A: “B is a liar”
B: “A is a liar”

Those who care about the truth examine both A and B to make up their own minds else they have no minds of their own.

A: “Go listen to B and see how he just lies.”
B: “Don’t listen to A because he just lies.”

Which is more likely to be the liar? How would you find out?

PK, you seem more the B type.
Do you also just look to the Left when crossing the street?

Has anyone ever heard of a Prime Minister or President running for office in a democratic country (even the fake ones) who’s party’s platform is “Don’t think about me. Focus on HIM! Look how BAD HE is. Vote for me and I’ll talk to you afterward.”

Hidden Biden - Mr Joe Biden = Don’t look at me. Don’t talk about me. Focus on the other guy.

Could there ever be a greater signal of dark corruption. He literally hides in his basement from the press who does everything they can to support him and trash his opponent.

President Kamala Harris - you might have to get used to it (but think about her either).

Unbelievable yet somehow true.


Don’t think about the Hidin, Lyin, Biden and President Kamala Harris.

K: it is a known fact that IQ45 has lied over 25,000 times in his 4 years in office…

you want to talk about lying…let us talk about all about IQ45 lies…


That is a lie (no surprise coming from you).


Don’t think about the Hidin, Lyin, Biden and President Kamala Harris.

Focus your suspicions and hatred on Mr Trump instead.

K: what? you don’t believe that IQ45 hasn’t lied over 25,000 times in his
4 years of office? I mean, let us look at one such lie… he has repeated
and repeated and repeated… that a new health care plan is coming out
in two weeks to replace Obama care… so, he has said this for over 4 years
and where is said plan? he has stated this lie about
releasing a new health care plan repeatedly… so that one lie in the midst of
thousand more lies…

show us I am wrong about his IQ45 lies?


Show us exactly what he said and when.

O: Show us exactly what he said and when.

K: you want me to go over 25,000 lies over 4 years, in one post?


If he said that lie 25,000 times, it should be pretty easy for you to come up with an incidence.

Or if you would like to makeup another one and show it instead. There must be evidence somewhere.

In the mean time

ok, May 2018: “the (health care) plans we have coming out, literally over the next
four weeks.”

June 2019: in an interview with George Stephanopoulos that “we already have
the concept of the plan” and that he would be announcing that in about
two months, maybe less… and on the town hall meeting last week,
he talked about having a health care plan… on July 19, fox news interview,
“we’re signing a health care plan within two week, a full and complete
health care plan that the Supreme court decision on DACA gave me the right to do”

and still the president has gone to court to overturn Obamacare without any
health care plan in place… feel free to show me any type of health care plan
he has presented since being president…

that is just one area where he has lied…


These are things that you say they said (hearsay). I am asking for more direct evidence - a video, an article, something other than you just saying that someone else said something. The reason is that context is critical for most lies that you spread.

In this case, it is sounding like Mr Trump was saying that HE is ready to sign and EXPECTS Congress to have it ready to sign. As you know, Ms Pelosi refuses to sign anything that appears to make Mr Trump look successful. So this is looking like just an opportunity for Ms Pelosi to create a Trump lie.

Congress has to pass a Bill before Mr Trump can sign it.

And did you note Mr Obama and Mr Biden’s lie about people being able to keep their private insurance under Obamacare? Additionally did you note that the Supreme Court is trying its best to just cut out the parts of Obamacare that are truly unconstitutional when it can do so. SCOTUS is not being asked by Mr Trump to be rid of anything that is actually constitutional.

Obamacare has the problem of being actually unconstitutional whether there is a replacement or not. Without it, the US would do one of two things - either go back a few years to where they were before Mr Obama and Mr Biden’s unconstitutional (and socialist) effort to take over all healthcare in the US or US Congress will be inspired to get their act together and pass an actual constitutional Bill.

So that whole deal that Mr Obama and Mr Biden cooked up (using Ms Pelosi) is actually entirely an issue for SCOTUS and Congress - the same one’s who created it. Mr Trump can only try to get them moving as the socialists intentionally try to do the opposite.

Without the socialists (actually Marxists) the entire Obamacare issue wouldn’t exist and would not have been needed.

Mr Trump actually succeeded in restoring over 180 MILLION American’s right to keep their private insurance if they wanted to.

But in the meantime as you look for the actual evidence to examine

Wasn’t The American Healthcare Act or Trumpcare passed in 2017? And weren’t additional healthcare reforms introduced by Trump back in Sept. 2020?

Apparently the Senators couldn’t agree on the details. Mr Trump got the individual mandate (a tax) removed from ACA through a tax cut Bill (Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017).