The Best (Carleas' Ladder)

This first post will not be the best. Yet. Please make a better post, that we can climb to betterness rung by rung on Carleas’ Ladder.

Should we first define Carleas’ ladder for the viewers at home?

Best posts? Best Posters? Best Rappers? Best anything in general? The best of Carleas?

I am not sure I am making anything better but maybe I am not privy to some information to help me aid in this endeavor.


Don’t mind me…

Jakob, is undoubtedly the best philosopher on this site! Fixed Cross is probably the second best - followed closely by Barbarian Horde!


The best of the best of the best, sir!



Hey, no bigotry here, =; why leave out the lady-socks?

That was a funny post though, except of course its not actually a joke.

My apologies, Fixed. It was intended as a joke (payback) but I can see how you might misconstrue. :slight_smile: