The Best of Bessy, 1000 love songs.

[size=150]What can you say about Bessy, that hasn’t been said a thousand times before…[/size]

[b]More compassion than a commune full of hippies,

More heart than a school of blue whales,

More swearing than a boatfull of sailors,

More ups and downs than an oscilloscope…[/b]

Welcome to the Legendry club Bessy, here’s to a thousand more, if your PC doesn’t overload from all the lurve you
pour through it into ILP.

A Big, fat, virtually-indistinguishable-from-the-real-thing Snog,


What a love you are, Tab.



Don’t make me vomit…

(you know I’m kidding, but only in your case)

Only Tab would be so devious to make a thread devoted to Bessy…

…here’s to you gal…

Hi Bessy,

Two things to thank you for:

For not being afraid to show your heart, and for your tolerance in wading around in the testosterone long enough to post a 1000.

Thanks for being real. We need more Bessy.


Viva Bessy. Viva!


awww shucks.

(I stole that)

Congrats, Bess.

Anybody who likes Norm Crosby is okay in my book.