the best of us


  • Carleas
  • MagsJ
  • Wendy Darling
  • Arcturus Descending
  • Gloominary
  • Serendipper
  • fuse
  • Iambiguous
  • Karpel Tunnel
  • Meno_
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It is time. Tonight is the night, when all of us will know, who is the top dog of this place.

well tonight, the vote begins.

I’m not sure anyone on that list is ferocious. I’ll vote for Gloominary. A worthy opponent and not afraid to give a nuanced response.

I vote for you Karpel :slight_smile:

I voted Karpel too! :smiley:

  1. I don’t think moderators should be on the list… we do have to practice a certain amount of restraint, you know.

  2. Where’s Urwrongx1000? surely he should be on here…

ok lets put together a list here then for the whole society.

Urwrongx1000 is added with 1 vote!

I gotta keep my votes secret. But sure Karpel ferocity in philosophy is nothing if it isn’t staying nuanced in the storm. Because it is a storm of adders and you have to calmly bite all their heads off.

Let’s pin down how seriously we should take this.

Pick one:


I tried to find a smilie that said this thread is a joke, but
I couldn’t find an good one.


I vote Dancing Banana for Most Ferocious and Outstanding Smilie.




I said Urwrong should be on here, I didn’t say I was going to vote for him… or anyone. I wont be taking part in the poll… just thought he should be on there.

Im sorry you didn’t make the list Kropoptkin. But are you 3? Insulting a project just because it doesn’t give you compliments is a bit childish.
Same of Iambiguous. Do you know what this says about your confidence levels… you don’t wan to know.

MagsJ, you actually spoke out a preference so no, you clearly are partaking. Cant have it both ways.

  • you voted for yourself didn’t you.

Haha no, but evidently someone did.

Karpel is out in the lead, with Gloominary in 2nd place, and the rest trailing in 3rd, with 2 also rans in definite last… subsequent votes permitting.

Please feel free to excise me from the competition here. This is precisely the sort of thread that, in my opinion, detracts from the overall quality of ILP as a philosophy venue.

From my frame of mind, it is basically Kidstuff.

Unless of course I’m wrong.

Though “here and now” I’m rather confident that I – “I” – actually might not be. :banana-dance:

K: actually, I don’t give a shit if I am named or not, my problem is it is a
shitty list besides you and Meno and Carleas. WendyDarling and Karpel and gloomy are
terrible choices. Which leads me to note that the quality of philosophy on
this site is pretty crappy at the moment but as with all things, it is about cycles.
Soon, I hope, the quality will improve and we will have much better quality
of philosophy. History is all about cycles and right now the cycle is not good, but


Ah, Carleas, if only Trump was as diplomatic as yourself.


How are you using the word ferocious here ~ to mean assertive, aggressive or violent and cruel?
I think that ferocious and outstanding can be two different categories.

One that is outstanding as a philosopher in my opinion is Fixed Cross. You left him out and of course there are others too which at the moment I cannot remember which I admire. Let me ask you a question: Are these people which you noted (including myself #-o) those with whom you have most posted?

Aside from that, I do not necessarily see anything wrong with this kind of a diversion.
One never knows how it can evolve and it is quite interesting to note just how it sometimes does.

Nothing wrong with feng shuing (oh, how I love that phrase) the mind a bit. :happy-smileyinthebox:

Karpel still out in front, with Gloominary still in 2nd, and Serendipper now pulling away from the pack in 3rd… who are now all trailing behind in 4th, with the 2 also rans still in definite last… subsequent votes permitting.

The above just reminded me of this: … a11fa01631

Run Baby Run!


…this running commentary comes to you courtesy of having spent far too many hours watching ‘the horses’… courtesy of my father’s love of betting on ‘the ponies’. :slight_smile:

I can’t do the hand signals though :neutral_face: