The Brain Does Not...and Cannot.... Create Consciousness

The above features “THE MOST LOGICAL FORM OF JUDEO-CHRISTIANITY, EVER!” PART ONE reborn as a PDF on my website in, accessible by the link above. The original ILP article in terms of the pics that make up the thread has timed out over the past few months, so if you look at the original ILP article, you’ll nothing but warnings that the photo that was in place has timed out or is no longer available or whatever.

Rather than re-post the article (with the same photos from Facebook that will time out once again in a few months), I decided it’s simpler to make TMLFOJCE and its 4 parts into PDFs, give them individual titles apart from “TMLFOJCE”, and assign them to my personal website in Academia, where they will last (I hope) forever.

This will allow me to get back to work creating Parts 5 and 6: God of This World and He Has Set Eternity In the Hearts of Men, turn those into PDFs, and upload them to Academia with a link to access them in ILP, concluding the story of Pantheopsychism and Pantheopsychic Christianity with Part 6.

(My computer crashed at the onset of the Coronavirus outbreak, and it has been three months until I could afford to buy a laptop [I’m just a lowly security officer after all] so that I can get back to work. In the meantime, I have been typing and posting the “editorials” you have recently seen in ILP from my cellphone. Glad that is over.)

Thanks, as always, for your continued viewing.