The Challenge of Genius.

I challenge mangus to a debate to see who is the biggest genius of the internet.

Firstly, I challenge mangus to define his definition of the word genius, and then list his qualifictions as to why he is a genius.

My qualifications and certifications that i am a bonified, certified genius is:
-Everyone i know in real life says i am the biggest genius of all time.
-i am a bigger genius than people with 172, 185, iqs.
-i am a genius of logic, I am a programmer of Code, in fact i have even made Airplane physics.
-i am a genius of art, a fine aesthete and critic.

  • i am a genius of society, i do not dabble in petty quables, and invented the DnA machine which Ecmandu can use to create his utopia and solve the problem of conflicting needs.
  • I supported James’ affectance before anyone else did.
  • I made fun of Steven Hawkings before anyone else did.
    -I could rule Earth better than anyone else.
    -I invented the ultimate magnetic rail system design.
  • I built legos and art as a kid.
    -I dont respect authority because i am smarter than the idiots who run the shitshow.
    -i dont respect modern music because i am more intelligent than millenials.
    -i have emotional intelligence empathy and understand psychology better than the psychiatrists.
  • i recognize and understand the emptiness and futility.
    -I outsmarted genius forums and are smarter than them and their limited binary-type thinking.
    -I am the spiritual successor to Otto Weinenger and Tesla’s gender philosophy.
  • i invented the prototypes of free energy in my sleep.
    -there is much more, but i shall not reveal all of my data.

Magnus, your turn.

Why Magnus, why not me??


I’m a very simple person Trixie…

I would debate everyone on the boards at the same time … But you just pick Magnus … Who is a narcissist and doesn’t understand that his posts are just projection

Who codes in Game Maker. In this day and age.

I know you are only jesting when you say that you are the biggest genius of all time. But I would like
to know what your IQ is. Now I think you need one of 185 to be a genius so would you qualify as one?

Teams that aren’t composed of millionaires.
Nobody takes indie C# games seriously.
Here are the finest XBOX C# games.

FYI Game Maker can port to XBOX One so that crap is not needed anymore.

I am not jesting. A genius is measured by their ability to judge society and to save society. Nobody judges society better than I do. Nobody saves society better than I do. All Tesla do was invented some electricity machines. I have made the concept of the DNA machine. All these ancient philosophers debate about ethics but I solved it with the DNA machine.