Our little blue pony has been complaining recently about how everyone and everything is to blame for her not being happy
So in this thread you say good or positive things about her or anything you think will put a smile on her sad little pony face

l liked your poem the curse of masculinity and even though you say you hate poetry you do appear to have
some talent for it so it could be a creative outlet for you and stop you from feeling as miserable as you do

Surrep after all these years I do not even know what you look like. Please post your pretty face so we can see. If the only thing you have to look forward to is death, and you dont care if you die, at least humor us mortals and share with us the truth.

The truth is contained in my words not in my face which only shows the outside
but words reveal the soul of a person and this is what mine do or at least try to

You will find happiness or at least contentment in your life so you just need to have some patience
You are still quite young so do not think that this is the way you are going to be till the day you die

Show it. Expose your genetic code to all.

There’s no such things as souls.

I mean soul as in character and not in the metaphysical sense

But still.

Surrep, if you are enlightened then you should have no fear of hiding your physical appearance.
I only ask for a small moment of pleasure to see you before you ultimately die and your existence is erased from the Cosmos.

My words are more important and if you read them with an open mind you will no longer fear death but instead accept what can
not be denied with peace in your heart knowing that you are going to a better place free from all pain and suffering forevermore

As inside, so outside.
Like when you see an apple with a brown slimy skin, you know its inside is rotten too.

Don’t be afraid to accept what you are, the whole deal.

Michael Jackson- Thriller

its uncanny how often your posts are somewhat related to something in my life

Here is your friend, Surreptitious, under tab. Truly beautiful, isn’t he?
They say that the eyes are the mirror to the soul or psyche.



I can see him within those eyes.

Actually, Trixie, this is also true for enlightenment though you didn’t mean to say what you did above. :evilfun:

You can at times be vulnerable Trixie and that to me is always beautiful.