The conclusion/There is No point

Here is where things are really odd.

Satanists, atheists ?

There are two options in life.

  1. There is no god,and so there is no need to worry about religion ,theology, and morality as such. We should just live, enjoy , and not quarrel or bother with the madness that is religious/spiritual delirium.

2.There is a god.

Now what people need to remember is this. If there is no god, then why be so foolish and get interested in philosophy and label your self something like a satanist or atheist? That would just be attention seeking, since there is no god or devil.

If you say its to counter attack these delerious and overly zealous religious types , and educate, maybe even attempt world peace then why are you bothering??

That would be so stupid, because you would be choosing to spend your time doing something irrelevant. After all if there is no god, there is no real sense of purpose other than enjoying the moment we are alive for. And you want to spend that time arguing with folk who are mad?

Because thats all religious people would be if there is no God.
If it were the case I would be off sinking a few beers, having a good time, not caring a hoot about any of them.

If life means nothing spiritually, and we are only functional beings capable of reciprocal altruism , and the odd burst of what seems like genuine kindness , then you would want to get a life, and stop whinging about something that means nothing essentially. You would only be harrassing people if you were any different.

Then again,

If there is a God , why defy that god by becoming someone who loves and relishes all that is dark ? Why choose to defy instead of perhaps learning more. If there is a god and you are a satanist or atheist then you are a bit odd.

Because there is no need to give yourself a label in the first place. It would only be for attention. I beleive in a god , but I dont have a specific name , I cannot be labelled one religion or another.

As someone on this forum said himself, the word satan evokes fear and suspicion and this can be good for a laugh. Indeed. It may be true , but again you would be essentially wasting your time.

And with this attitude, it seems that many people falling into these belief systems are indeed only looking for attention.

Just playing a silly game instead of being mature enough, man enough to take things in your stride. Bothering yourself, contenting yourself with harrassing religious /spiritual types.

Now this is not always a bad thing. If there is a god, and only, if there is a god, can this be seen as a good thing. To educate those {perhaps using satanism},who sail along blindly believing in something silly. Its no good having blind faith. And i would agree folk like that do need a shake .

But then again if there is a God why be a satanist? I believ for most it is for attention. Like James dean in rebel without a clue, protesting, shouting and bawling like an imbecile instead of just settling down and seeing the good in things. Just growing up. See the bad yes, but dont make it your only god.

Some say satanism stands for “opposing”. This is all fine. Im sure the occultish side of satanism has some good points. And good satanists I doubt are usually people that stand around fires killing things and chanting for blood in the nude.

There are some good points to be looked at where the cause for satanism is concerned. But so too are there good reasons for understanding God .The benevolant side to the deity. We should have good equilibrium, and see the good in both , become balance individuals.

Do you see?
The conclusion is that if you are an atheist /satanist philosopher and there is no God, you are wasting your time. If there is a god , you also waste your time by only considering one side of the coin and talking about that.

If you think morality can’t exist without God- then you simply don’t comprend the concept of morality.

think about a coin. most people’s perception covers at least a fourth.
yours covers the edge.

go read some books.


           Suppose that you conceive that morality requires God: what would be his role? A lawgiver? A judge? 

To my mind, God can set a lofty ethical system for advanced people in the quest for perfection. I am speaking of people who strive for more knowledge or more love. In such cases, God is not he who imposes on them some rules of conduct and distributes rewards and punishments accordingly, but he who enables them to pursue their goal forever, even beyond the limitations of this life, or perhaps to reach and stay forever in a state of moral and spiritual holiness. God is he who permits to make the lives of these people fully meaningful.

Firstly if there is no god then we are dealing with ethics not morality.

Secondly, philosophy in my opinion is by it’s very nature atheistic because the only guiding principles one would need is the religious text. When you go outside of that looking for answers, then you have stopped believing.

Im not saying morality cant exist without god. All Im saying is that without a heaven or God Life essentially holds no great purpose.

A man standing at the edge of an abyss yells “There is no god!”, pauses, turns around, and continues on his way to work.

Many people don’t believe in a greater purpose, but you still have to live. If you don’t believe in a greater purpose, you have to create a purpose for yourself. Maybe having fun or maybe trying to educate others.

Because someone believes in God or not does not make a difference in their choice to get interested in philosophy or not.

Satanists believe in the furthering/improving of oneself; a key part of which would be to wonder and be aware of certain questions about ones surroundings, actions and oneself as a whole. Philosophy contains many answers, though not certain, answers nonetheless and many more key questions that mostly result in the furthing of oneself.

Theres also the tonnes of nonsense and useless babble.

Regardless, philosophy remains a key in ones advancement - and as such, does not discriminate who does and who doesnt take an interest in it.

The thing is, all we can do is either believe or not believe in a God simply because there is no proof. We can philosophise all we want about it and come up with many answers, but whatever we come up with, we cannot conclusively prove to the world God exists, we simply must wait for death to find out for certain.

If someone chooses not to believe in God because of the lack of proof or whatnot, its their choice, as it is yours. Even if there is a God, and they were wrong, it makes them no less odd then anyone else. They simply followed their beliefs.

Sure theres no need to label yourself with your belief, theres also no reason not to. If you follow in something, why not tell anyone else? I dont agree with calling people who voice their beliefs attention seekers. Its a personal decision really, different to everyone.

What exactly does the things the word Satan evokes have to do with Satanism? It makes people think Satanism is something that its not? So what.

I do not see how falling into the Satanist belief system would make you one ‘who only looks for attention’ as you so put it. Satanists look to improve themselves. They dont like everyone, sure, they’re not meant to.

They dont go around performing rituals such as people who worship Satan might, because quite simply, Satanists have nothing to do with these people or their beliefs.

They are not playing some ‘silly game’ as you so put it, they are following their common belief’s. Satanism is quite similar to Buddhism in the fact they highly seek self improvement and they do not believe in any Gods.

They do no ‘harrass’ religous/spiritual types, they simply believe in something different.

The thing is, if your a Satanist, you dont believe in God. So therefore, you cannot understand him, because he does not exist.

If you believe in God, you cannot be a Satanist, because you believe there is a God where Satanists do not, like Athiests.

Since this is the case, I’m sorry, but your conclusion and just about each point leading up to it, are incorrect.


So why call yourself a satanist? Palerider shows the folly of this in other letters.

You really do seem to be missing the point W.C.

I do not and never have called myself a Satanist. I am actually a Roman Catholic.

Because someone is ignorant to what Satanism is and makes his own assumptions based on the name, one cannot call Satanists attention-seekers playing silly jokes and what-not, because it makes absoutally no sense.

One could call Buddhists the samething for the same silly reason. Buddhists? ‘Bud-hists?’ They smoke buds! They’re pot heads! Why call yourself Buddhist! Trying to prove something? Your just seeking attention!

Well, could you please enlighten me as to what point I am missing? I answered all I thought relevant in your conclusion post.


I think everybody by now know that Satanism in essence has absolutely nothing in common with the christian belief of Satan, except that the word Satanism contains the word Satan.

And there is the problem.

Satanism will always be associated with Satan, no matter what the followers believe.
Why should they care? Because it is human to care, it is human to not insult other people.

So you are trying to convince us that satanists are completely innocent and have no idea what their belief provoke in christians? Yeah, right.

My god, a Roman catholic defending satanists to that extent . For what purpose W.C?

I understand what your saying. Yes it would be silly to just name call. But I am not. perhaps re read what I have said about satanists in this letter and others. I make my point quite clear.

And please , if you just want to disagree, dont just take loads of quotes from my letters, the parts where i say satanists are attention seekers, and put them all together in you next post as if to say I did.

read what palerider says in the “real black magic” letter. This is what we are trying to say.

Oh no, thats not what I am trying to do at all, nor have I ever said that. I’m sure Satanists know what their belief provokes in Christans, as do Athiests, Agnostic’s, Pagan’s, etc etc.

I’m saying it makes no sense calling Satanists things because of their name. Its like kids teasing other kids because of their various names. Like calling a kid named Bart, Fart. Its rediculous and childish.

So do you then think Satanists should change their name to make a religion they do not believe in, happy? Would Christians change their name if the Jews or the Musilims asked?

The word Satan is in their name, but is a different meaning to that of Christians. You dont like it? Too bad.

Why am I defending them? Because its their beliefs, and there is nothing wrong with that or them. If they choose not to believe in God, that is their choice. Not yours, not mine and we cannot make them think like us either for their minds are their own.

Their beliefs are different to ours, but so what? That doesnt make them any better or worse then us.

If you mean to say your point was that Satanists should believe in a balance, an equilibrium of good and evil, then I already answered this.

If you mean to say theres no point becoming a philosopher if your a Satanist, then I already answered this.

If you mean to say theres no point calling yourself a Satanist, then I’ve already answered this.

If I’m still not getting it, please enlighten me rather then asking me to re-read your post, I have answered everything within it already and I am begining to think this point your talking about does not exist such as your title states: “The conclusion/There is No point



Someone being a buddhist does not mean they smoke weed because they are into budd–hism. I know you dont really think that W.C , but Im pointing it out because it has nothing to do with what Im saying about satanists.

Buddhists are into buddhism why?
because they follow buddha.

Satanists are into what?

Well according to some of the drivel on this forum, neither do they believe in satan, nor do they follow him. Nor do they believe in a god. In fact one wonders why on earth they cant then just get on with their lives without the need for labels.

Most of the people I know who dont believe in god never talk about it, they have no label, they are just john, robert or sue or whatever. The very fact someone calls themselves a satanist, given everything else i,ve said mind, is absurd.

It is attention seeking for many of them exactly because it is just a name they wish to associate with themselves.

Thats why I say they are like children, thats what children do.

Good point kolibri

Ok, so its all about the label of Satan then?

Well, Satan was the word Christians used to translate the Hebrew word to English. Just because Christianity uses it to describe the Devil doesnt mean others cannot use it for everyday use without refering to Christianity.

So Christianity used the word first? What is this, a kids game? It doesnt matter who used it first, its an English word meaning “contrary”, “adversary”, “enemy” and “accuser” and as such should be used however anyone see’s fit.

If a religion you didnt believe in said that you couldnt use the word hello because it has “hell” in it, would you do it? No.

Satanists do not believe in Christianity, so Christians telling them they cannot or should not use the word, or whatever, is really the same thing.

Again, if you dont like it, too bad, thats how it is.


Words have negative or positive associations. Satan has a negative association, and so does nazi, nigger (situational negative association), etc.

I could create a word called satanfig, which I define as being the use of both hands for lifting items, but people would still associate it with the negative association of Satan.

When using a word I personally find it more important what people associate the word with rather than what the definition of the word is. Not everyone feels this way, though.

But I think this discussion is going in circles (as often happens), so we can just agree to disagree.

I agree. All of this is reality and taking one side of the coin would make us a one sided coin and there is no such thing. A coin has to have a flip side.