The Cost of Stayin Alive!

The Cost of Stayin Alive!

I once asked a professor of philosophy “what is philosophy about?” he responded “philosophy is a radically critical self-consciousness”. It took me thirty years to understand this statement.

I shall take a “radically critical self-conscious” look at the question of longevity in these troubled times.

My generation and my children’s generation have not prepared my grandchildren’s generation for the mess that we are leaving to them. One easily understood aspect of this mess, though not the most important, is the massive debt past generations are leaving to future generations.

The tea party’s clamor about public debt makes this matter obvious to us on a daily basis. Has the tea party taken a radically critical self-conscious look of this problem? I think not, but who would claim that these people are intellectually sophisticated?

[b]Imagine that instead of a tea party we faced daily the much publicized clamor of reasoned judgment by an older generation of intellectually sophisticated citizens.

A person who has lived 75 years, such as me, might ask him or her self “is every additional day of life for me worth $100 to my family?”[/b]

I receive about $1,500 a month in social security or $50 a day. I am adding another $50 a day to cover other costs such as health care and the consumption of the earth’s natural resources. This $100 a day does not include other costs that my family will endure as a result of my dieing slowly over the remainder of my life.

I put this on a family values basis because we American citizens have learned to hide reality from our conscious considerations. If we put it on a national basis we will not comprehend the reality of the situation.

I can think of only one way that we old folks can pay our way sufficiently to justify living longer than 75 years. The way that old folks can pay their way is by preparing themselves to become intellectually sophisticated before they are old (just as we prepare financially for old age) so that they can provide to society a storehouse of networked understanding to help fellow citizens to make good judgments regarding matters of culture and government.

The cost is too fucking much! I don’t like being taxed out of my income either.

Then don’t work.

Like that’s even a option. Besides you don’t get laid if you don’t work since in order to get with a pretty girl you must be a idealized successful money driven man that looks physically attractive like some douche on a magazine or on the tv who tells them everything they want to hear.

( It’s the only thing they know how to respond to. Women don’t respond to local homeless men on the street without a car that survives off of food stamps.)

( If your unemployed and homeless your lucky if you can get it on with the local homeless crack whore that has no teeth that lives under the bridge down the street. But even she is looking for a man with alot of money to feed her addictions. Your screwed there too.)

That my friend is how they control men within society by making them work for money as the only viable way to procreate.

If it wasn’t for dames I wouldn’t work at all. Without women there would be no need for men to work at all.

Well, good. You want to get what you want. My suggestion was based on your complaints of the process. The system is set up for wanters. The system comes with a tax on wanting.

The system sucks. Fuck the system.

If it feels good enough to say, and move on, then I guess.

Really the only way to fuck the system is to stubbornly not take part. It’s a big risk. At the same time, it might be only risk worth taking.

I’m under no illusions that many can/will dare.

Agreed. In today’s world it is the only way.

Of course the problem with that is that the new oligarchy maintains youth in disrespect of any older advice so as to keep them “manageable” (brainwashable). Ensuring that fathers are disrespected by and/or separated from sons was one of the critical steps established 40 or so years ago.

There is only one thing the youth needs from us “old-foggies” these days - Clear understanding toward their self-harmony. How to accomplish that for them is rather tough. :-k