the crisis of our times.....

we see various crisis in America and around the world…
we see climate issues and crime issues and income inequality issues
and racial problems and a whole slew of issues and problems
that threaten to overwhelm us…

so what is the solution? seeing what the real problem is…

we are holding attitudes and feelings and idea’s that are
issues themselves…

for example, Gloom believing that people wanting to be treated with
value and respect is “radical”… how is that a “radical” position?
human beings wanting to be treated like human beings… that isn’t radical,
that is a basic, fundamental right and should be our guiding motto,
not to be considered to be “radical”…

for example is the modern world treatment of its workers… the capitalist
belief that workers are expendable slaves… who have no value or rights…
that is one of the fundamental problems in the modern world…I am
treated like crap as are my fellow workers and as are millions of working
Americans… used, abused and left for dead after 40 years of creating profits,
and once we no longer create profits, we are nothing more then garbage to be
taken out…capitalism devalues and dehumanizes human beings…
we wonder why children can so easily kill… it is because they have
already learned the lesson of modern society, that as human beings,
we have no value… no point of existence outside of creating profits…

what is the point of existence if not to create profits?

that is the question? what is the point of being? why exist if
all we do is create profits? those profits created don’t benefit us,
they benefit our corporate masters, but we get, if lucky, crumbs off
the table of the corporate overlords…Trickle down economics is
basically that the worker gets the small, leftover portion that the
masters so grudgingly give us… just enough to avoid, for some of us,
starvation… the fact is millions of Americans live below the poverty
level… and Gloom thinks that is quite alright… because it doesn’t affect
him…there is no crisis if it doesn’t affect you, right?

and therein lies the second problem, we can’t see a problem unless it
directly affects us…people starving, don’t care because I am not starving…
it can’t be a problem unless it impacts me somehow… and that is part
of the crisis in modern society… we are connected, in fact interconnected
so that something that impacts one part of society, does impact us directly…

so if people are starving in New York, that impacts me in California…if
people are starving in India, that impacts me as an American…we are not
so isolated that we cannot be impacted by events that happen around the world…

so therein lies an aspect of the modern day crisis, we don’t or cannot
understand that we are connected to each other… if one person gets hit,
we all feel the pain…
and it doesn’t matter if you believe it or not, it is what happens…

am I my brothers keeper? and the answer is yes…

and within that can lie, if we so desire, to remake ethics/morals…

to know that our actions impacts others and that their actions impact us,
can become the basis of a new ethics/morality…that we are tied to one
another can be the basis of a new understanding of how we should treat
one another…

capitalism failed or has failed because it has failed to understand this
basic concept…that we are tied, connected to each other,
if we treat people shitty, we are just treating ourselves shitty…
to make people an means to an end, people’s only value is to create profits,
that is their only value, then we have failed, in a very basic way, to
understand the connection that ties everyone together…

understanding that people are not an means, but an end… that would
be a start, and just a start, to a new engagement with who we are and what does it mean to
be human…

instead of running around “doing” things, we should start with working out
who we are and how to be human…for we are not human if we don’t
treat people in a human manner… and one might ask, what does it mean
to treat people in a human manner? and finally, we get a question worth
asking…and answering…

instead of trying to become something, rich, famous, with titles,
powerful, let us try something new…let us explore what it means
to be human…what does it mean to treat human beings as a human being?

not as business does, as cattle or something to be used and abused until
discarded… but human beings as having value and worth…
is that really so radical? to be treated as a human being with
value and worth? and not just as a number or as one who only
value is to create profits, but as a human being, with dignity and honor…


the solution to the problem that the crisis/the devaluation of
human being requires lies within us, not outside of us… you want a solution
to the problem of the modern day world, then the solution lies within us, not
outside of us…


[b]Federal Judge Blocks Joe Biden’s Race-Based Loan Forgiveness Program For Non-White Farmers


This was the worst part of the COVID relief package which was passed in March. It was used as a major talking point by the GOP to justify voting against the bill. It made much more sense to just challenge it in federal court on the grounds that it was blatantly unconstitutional for discriminating against White farmers. It always seemed to me that it was unlikely to survive scrutiny.

New York Post:

“A federal judge has put the brakes on a nearly $4 billion Biden administration effort intended to provide debt relief to farmers of color, noting that the program doesn’t even consider the financial status of applicants — just their race.

The relief program, launched in March under Biden’s American Rescue Plan Act, paid up to 120 percent of the loans for farmers or ranchers who are black, Hispanic, Latino, American Indian or Alaskan native and Asian American or Pacific Islander.

The $3.8 billion initiative drew an April lawsuit in Wisconsin Federal Court by 12 white farmers and ranchers from nine states — who said they were excluded from the program due to their race. …

“The obvious response to a government agency that claims it continues to discriminate against farmers because of their race or national origin is to direct it to stop: it is not to direct it to intentionally discriminate against others on the basis of their race and national origin,” Griesbach wrote in his decision.

Congress “cannot discriminate on the basis of race,” he added. …”

It is important to understand what happened here.

The COVID relief package created a social justice slush fund for non-White farmers. They don’t even have to prove that they were discriminated against by the USDA. They just have to establish that they are non-White. This was straight up anti-White discrimination by the Biden administration. Stephen Miller’s new venture America First Legal is responsible for suing them and getting the injunction.

NBC Narratives:

“WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump are fighting an intensifying proxy war over race and farming that could have much broader implications for the federal government’s ability to direct aid to people of color.

The fight centers on which farmers get taxpayer help at a time when Biden has pledged to focus on equity and reversing systemic injustices across federal programs. Trump’s allies argue that the same criteria long used to discriminate against farmers of color — race and ethnicity — can’t be used to make them exclusively eligible for federal programs.

Whites have civil rights, too, they say in a lawsuit filed in federal court in Texas.

For Black farmers and civil rights groups, that’s a proposition that defies reality — and yet they are taking it very seriously, with generations of civil rights law potentially in the balance. …

“This is a landmark civil rights case,” Stephen Miller, head of America First Legal and Trump’s White House senior policy adviser, said in a statement Thursday. “The stakes in this case could not be higher: The government must not be allowed to use its awesome authorities to punish, harm, exclude, prefer, reward or damage its citizens based upon their race or ethnicity.” …”

The Biden administration holds that explicitly discriminating against White farmers in favor of non-White farmers is “equity.”

CBS Narratives:

“A federal judge has halted a loan forgiveness program for farmers of color in response to a lawsuit alleging the program discriminates against White farmers.

U.S. District Judge William Griesbach in Milwaukee issued a temporary restraining order Thursday suspending the program for socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.

The program pays up to 120% of direct or guaranteed farm loan balances for Black, American Indian, Hispanic, Asian American or Pacific Islander farmers. President Joe Biden’s administration created the loan forgiveness program as part of its $1.9 trillion COVID-19 pandemic relief plan. …”

“Equity” is off to a rough launch in federal court.

Creating a new anti-White racial caste system will be a major challenge for Democrats mainly due to all the laws which were passed in the liberal era when they championed equality.[/b]

K: once again, give us some context…

what does this post of yours have to do with my thread of the “crisis of our times”
you didn’t even use your own words, you simply stole someone else’s idea…
the height of laziness if you ask me…you may as well posted some dam lazy
video to prove your point… context…it is all about context…give me some…


That’s just the thing, there is no context, if you’re nonwhite, you get access to freebies whites don’t get, had that bill passed, the only thing that matters to the democratic establishment is skin tone, not context, whiteness = unworthiness.

K: once again, missing context…

for example, being white counted for a whole lot more then being black…
an example is that slaves counted for 3/5 of a human being for census purposes
after the constitution was passed… or that slaves/blacks weren’t considered to
be a human being until well into the 20th century and you still don’t believe that
blacks are human beings…the freebee’s of being white… to sit in the front of the bus,
to be educated the same way as all the other children…blacks weren’t… to be able
to dine with whites until the 1960’s or sleep in the same motel/hotel as whites…

you are making random statements without any context to American history…
where blacks were denied the basic rights that the white people were born with…the
right to vote among them… white men could vote (the wealthy from the beginning,
white men could vote without property in 1828, white women could vote in 1920
and when did the blacks get to vote? the civil right act of 1965)…

you seem to miss these basic points… but of course if you put your thoughts into
context, we could see how wrong you are, about a great many things…


Right, ‘past racism against nonwhites justifies present racism against whites, and supposed present racism against nonwhites justifies future racism against whites’, Ibram X. Kendi couldn’t’ve said it better himself.
You’re anti-white, just like the democratic establishment, but many dems, particularly working class dems aren’t, so it’s going to be a tough sell, I can’t say I wish you luck with that.

K: the problem you have is proving that there is “systemic racism” against whites…
whereas I can prove there is systemic racism against blacks…

this article you mentioned is not a racism issue but a policy issue…
and one I can see why they did that… and again, to call me "anti-white’’
would depend on what you believe to be “anti-white”… it is all about context…
Under what context do you believe that makes me “anti-white”?
the racism I point out in the past lasted well into my lifetime… I was born in
1959… I have seen systematic racism in my lifetime and have dealt with
the KKK in person…this attempt to make organized racism to be a thing of the long
ago past just isn’t true… it is within my lifetime… recall that I was born before blacks
were allowed to vote… this isn’t some long ago, centuries ago thing… within my lifetime…

the past defines the present… so the past implicates the present actions…
if blacks have been discriminated against for over 400 years, then doesn’t that
“implicate” the present? of course, you would say no, because you hate creating
context in your statements…

so once again, give context…


Whites are the only racial group it’s socially acceptable to discriminate against.
Affirmative action, diversity quotas, freebies for so called ‘Native Americans’ and reparations are all forms of systemic, institutionalized, codified racial discrimination against whites.
The overwhelming majority of academia and mainstream media spouts anti-white rhetoric 24/7/365.
If any discrimination against nonwhites persists, it does so in spite of our institutions’ attempts to prevent it while they openly discriminate against whites.

K: once again, random statements without any context…show me how it is “socially acceptable”
to discriminate against whites… and if you can’t understand affirmative actions without some
context to the past, even the recent past… as I pointed out, blacks have been discriminated against
like not being able to vote or stay in White hotels in my lifetime…for example, Las Vegas
didn’t get away from systematic racism until the 1960’s when basically Frank Sinatra
and his group forced casino’s and Vegas hotels to allow blacks to enter them…

affirmative actions are a means of leveling the table… as white person who lives
in the Suburbs, one automatically begins with a lead over someone from the black
community…a lead that exists because one is white and living in the burbs…

you miss the context of why affirmative action is needed… to level the playing field
between the white middle class and the minorities who automatically have
a disadvantage by being black or poor…why should whites hold all the privileges
of existence by virtue of being white?

in other words, you are ok with discrimination and white privileges because you are white…
what if you were black? would you still be ok with white privilege?
I didn’t think so…

in other words, to make a sport analogy… because I was white, I would be able to
start a mile race with a ten yard advantage just because I was white…how is that fair?

make the race an equal race…that is the point of affirmative action… to level the
playing field so everyone has an equal chance to succeed…


I don’t want to get into this with you, I’ve already talked about this in some detail with you, Mr. Reasonable and Fuse in WW3’s thread Lügenpresse and all over this forum for years about why I’m anti-discrimination against whites.
I’m just pointing out it’s accelerating, whether it’s justified or not to atone for past or present ‘racial sins’, I can’t be bothered with.
I want to have new conversations about other things, not rehash the same elementary, rudimentary crap with the same people.
I got to stop letting myself get dragged back into it, I’m so over this shit.

The same goes for conversations about conspiracy theories.
I mean it’s one thing to disbelieve this or that conspiracy theory for whatever reasons, but it’s 2021, we had open internet until recently, if you still think we can trust academia, big brother and MSM, or that the ruling class don’t plot against the people long term, and you’re over 25, good luck with that, you triple and quadruple down on that, I couldn’t care less, get an extra shot on me, here you can have mine.

Get inoculated for everything that’s supposedly out there 10-15 times year, and wear 3-5 masks just to be safe.
And don’t ever think outside the left-right paradigm, pick a side, ‘center-left’ or ‘center-right’, and defend it right or wrong till death.
There is only 1 dimension, anything more than that is illusory.

K: as this post is all over the map, I shall pick one direction…

there is many dimensions… the world, reality has multiple dimensions…
we have 4 known dimensions, plus many, perhaps as many as 11 dimensions
to exist in…the world exists in many, many dimensions…