the danger of salvation and you-are-worthy-ness

who is a better actor

  • James Caan
  • Marlon Brando
  • Timothy Leary
  • Sandra Bullock
  • Gwendolyn Stein
  • Laura Dern
  • Roseanne Barr
  • Elvis
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is that it implies that you think you are unworthy.

Value ontology claims you are unworthy until you prove yourself and even then only to the one you prove it to - and yet also that you are necessarily worthy of yourself.

Your unworthiness may make you worthy of your worthless existence. Or lets say his unworthiness. The other guy. Ill just address you as worthy. Because you are connected to my existence so you must have done something worthwhile.

A quiz.

i notice you didn’t include Kevin Spacey

What does salvation have to do with this list of movie stars? What does worthiness?
Saved to what end? Worthy to what extent?



Oh this is so bad-ass

take a lot take a chance folks

Maybe something. We will find out.

Well, not much granted, but some are great such as the ones on this list.

To fight another day I suppose
always with the questions, young Jedi.

Let’s say moderately worthy. At first that is. Need to have space for learning curves.

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Sandra Bullock was actually excellent in a couple of movies. Where she was not playing cute, and americas Sweeheart. Perhaps if she got better serious rolls it would look less funny to me that she is running second in the list. I don’t see much salvation in the film world, though certainly a lot of you r worthyness. Who the fuck is Gwendolyn Stein?

The danger of you are worthy is that you may get pidgeonholed, addicted to the ones saying that and their demands.

Fixed Cross"]

Insofar as the you-are-worthy-ness goes, I can in part see what you mean. A person who’s main focus and perception is usually that of being worthy ~~ and having to convince himself of that generally means that he feels a sense of little self-worth.

I think that that can also still be based on individual thinking and circumstances. One size does not fit all.
Are you saying here that someone who feels worthy of something ~~ let’s say receiving the Nobel Peace Prize ~~ though they may also feel humble at this ~~is necessarily unworthy of it?

So, as a child I did feel unworthy because of the lack of love and nurture that a child needs and because of the sense of abandonment.
I was lucky. There were certain people though at different points in my life who taught me otherwise - they taught me that I was worthy of love, that I was worthy, and they saw things in me which allowed me to see from their eyes. The actions or inaction of certain others did not make what I originally saw as real.

Would you tell a child that he/she is unworthy until they can prove their self and then only to that person who sees them as worth?

Hmmm… there seems to be a bit lacking in VO then ~~ I do not know, Jakob. Perhaps I just do not quite grasp your meaning here.
Are you speaking in terms of a human being’s personal worth or proving yourself in the moment?

Is a person by default worthless as a human being until he has proven otherwise by some great feat?
Is that how you view things?
I can see a person being worthless when he has proven to be the despicable animal which he has shown himself to be through his deeds.

Again, I may be wrong here but doesn’t that make VO more than a bit paradoxical?


Maybe it is just my lack of comprehension here but this all seems to be more than a bit convoluted to me. lol
Can you give me an example here of how that might occur?

The guy who is thinking the last statement would appear to me to be narcissistic.
I am not sure if a narcissist could indulge in herd thinking but I also get that from your last statement.

This seems to be more of a riddle to me than a quiz. :laughing: