The deeper meaning of Batman.

Patrick Bateman - Bateman - Batman - Anal retentive rich guy obsessed with cleanliness, workouts, and all things vain. Views himself superior to all others. Bateman kills those he deems inferior, whereas Batman beats up those he deems inferior.

Joker - Joe - ker - King - King of the Libyans/Kentucky equine regime - Joker is the average Joe, who falls into a vat of botox at a chemical plant. This gives him lipstick, eyeshadow, and bleached skin, feminizing him, representing modernity and feminization of man. Heath Ledger - brokeback mountain - homosexual - Jared Leto - Texas Club - transsexual - Marilyn Manson - Satan. Feminization = schizophrenia = laughter = psychotic. Women = evil = the devil. Joker only gets off to abuse, women only get off to abuse, Illuminati confirmed. In the first movie he becomes the Fuhrer and kills people with balloons. the people represent Jews and have become Jewized (circumcized) after they become circumcized they worship money and obey the joker because he is feminized. Joker is a parody of modernity

Such simplistic perceptions on a great work of fiction.

How dare you call my meanings simplistic.

Btw Penguin is the jew, harley is the bimbo, Ivy is the hippie and TwoFace is the goodcop/badcop parody. Riddler is the queer and batman is the pedophile.

What the hell is your interpretations then, scrub? Seems we have some naysayers in the audience…if youve got something to say have it delivered.

Here’s my problem with Batman:

He’s filthy rich, buys tons of gear that the money of probably goes to fund the same criminals he fights, which keeps him in business as a crime fighter instead of actually fighting the source of crime in senate or politics to actually take care of the homeless, destitute, etc.; at the point of wasting so much money on crime-fighting gear and medical attention, he could just as easily sink it into a program to enable legal drug use, enable the things that make the illegal criminal activities useless and non-criminal; thus taking the danger out of them and is really some freak-show homicidal maniac that is barely holding back running around in a cape and pretending at mysticism to cover-up for the fact that his parents were killed and he’s still the same disturbed little child he used to be that couldn’t quite get over that fact and decided to take it out on all criminals. And, no matter how intelligent he got in terms of tracking down criminals, his arch-enemies, there was always that fear rising in him that he was just as bad as they were; and with all of that intelligence, couldn’t overcome his own psychological defuncts, couldn’t take off the mask and cowl; couldn’t break free from the track that was Batman to simply be Bruce Wayne.

and, the worst part of it for me is that with all the ability and smarts to track criminals down, he probably never realizes that his money goes to fund the same criminal organizations that pump all the criminals into Gotham, since he’s so busy being the Dark Knight and playing the Hero while wrapped up in his own darkness.

‘Batman isn’t the mask that Bruce Wayne wears; Bruce Wayne is the mask that the Batman wears.’

He becomes so much schizophrenic, psychotic behavior rolled into a hero and is far more dangerous than the Joker who is at least able to admit such openly, have a good time and get it out of his system knowing full well that that’s what he’s doing.

I really hate the fact that Batman is seen as the Hero of the story, when all he is is just as bad as the enemies he fights; he just does it ‘legitly’ from his own stash of cash that he gained from the death of his parents to pad his emotional scarring and thoughts of vengeance and revenge.

It’s like Superman. All that power and yet can’t tackle the true villains of society that enable the villains that he fights. Can’t ever handle problems on a human level instead of a superhuman level. Kind of as if they were saying, ‘you go ahead and fight those villains and don’t worry about the property damage, we’ll protect your secrets, make sure nobody fucks with you as Clark Kent even though it’s obvious as Hell and if you ever try to tackle the problems of society as a human or even as a superhuman, we’ve loaded up on Kryptonite; you won’t even be able to get close and we will kill everyone you love and care about. But, you go ahead and play the hero and have your normal life and shut your mouth and keep your head down and you’ll be just fine.’

Batman is the hero because he is the victim of society. His parents are shot and killed by a criminal and thief (Joker in the original movie adaptation). Batman wants revenge against the Joker, which is expressed as revenge against society. Batman resents society that it was not there, not strong enough to protect his parents from murder. Batman promises to defend the weak and those who cannot protect themselves. But this is false, and exposed by Joker. Because Batman is motivated by revenge, he cannot be a real or true hero.

Therefore batman is an “anti-hero”, a flawed hero. Not really a “good guy” despite being portrayed, thought of, or perceived as such.

Joker exposes “the joke” for what it is. Joker is not a victim of society. He is happy and joyful, not suppressed by society, not restricted. Joker doesn’t mind murder, thievery, crime. He laughs at it. He knows that society is weak and cannot protect everybody. Joker takes advantage of the system, using it for his own purpose, which revolves around pleasure and feeding on misery.

Joker’s main motivation and relationship with Batman is exposing that Batman is weak because he is a victim. He is beholden by society and motivated by revenge. Joker makes fun of and mocks Batman because of his weaker motivations. Batman is a slave of society. Joker knows this intuitively and uses this to bait him.

Joker is very much twisted, don’t mistake that; however just not as bogged down by his own twisted nature as is the Batman. The Joker sees nothing wrong with what he does because the animal inside of him is happy and content having justified every action and found it suitable for the environment which he is a product of. They both are very much still victims, though neither one would be liable to see themselves as the victims. We are raised to distance ourselves from our animal natures to which some seemingly succeed while others… One of my theories is that the repressions of some must have an out somewhere which creates our murderers, rapists, etc.

We no longer hunt and kill, no longer grow crops, no longer whittle away our daylight hours just sitting still and enjoying the peace of the day, being lazy. I find the Joker to be more of a Hero that society doesn’t want than Batman. To call Batman anything but a spoiled manchild satisfying his own lusts and cravings while lying to himself repeatedly is ridiculous.

As with most stories and works of fiction I always find the villains more satisfying than that of the heroes.

The heroes being the conforming lapdogs of authority and misguided societies.

Started watching the Gotham television series today. It’s pretty awesome and goes a bunch over Bruce Wayne’s weird childhood. Even shows how Wayne Enterprises was connected to the local mob.

Batman’s motivations are actually perfectly heroic. All great heroes are motivated by revenge.

Joker is nothing but a bully and we all know that bullying, whether it is joyful or not, is a product of misdirected resentment.

It is Joker, and not Batman, who is a slave here. To be a slave, after all, means nothing other than to be resentful in the wrong direction.

There is this grand delusion, promoted by none other than Nietzsche himself, that being motivated by revenge is a bad thing. This is based on nothing other than the realization that the desire to revenge is experienced as very painful. It is a hedonistic interpretation of reality that is based in nothing other than subjective feelings: if it feels good it is good, if it feels bad it is bad. Since directed revenge feels very painful, then it must be bad; and since misdirected revenge feels good, then it must be good.

The way one interprets Batman is one of the best ways to determine whether one is a barbarian (all who worship Joker are barbarians) or a civilized, noble, individual (all who worship Batman are more likely to be civilized.)

Make no mistake about it.

This is the danger we’re facing today: due to too much stress, more and more people are descending into barbarism, naturally siding with barbarians, in the process inventing all sorts of reasons in order to denigrate the legitimately good guys.

Batman’s alleged funding of criminality is now on the same level as what his enemies do – this is what we get to hear today.

I once believed Batman to be the Hero, too; but the facts are against him. No matter how much he himself may have wanted to pretend to be the Hero, he was further from it than the Joker. The only thing that Joker is a slave to is the fact; which he knows; that he can not be free from his twisted nature to love openly all the things in life that might be worth loving. His life was not the right mixture of elements within it to enable him to be free until he and the Batman could come to some suitable amount of closure. Since they are the only two who are on that level, their fight would carry past even their own deaths into eternity, for they are mirror images of each other.

And, until the Batman could admit such twisted thoughts that were espoused in his own mind and to which he runs from and tries to prevent the truth of, what closure could be had and how could the Joker then exert his latent Heroic drive? For, certainly, the Joker makes several points about society being as twisted as he is, about the animal nature that exists in both him and the Batman exists in all, but isn’t it the perspective of the villain being cast on him at that point that traps him and prevents him from accurately detailing the why and the how that it exists and pointing out that while such a failure as presented in the Dark Knight movie may have existed; when he attempted to get the people to blow up each others boats; that the darkness and twisted nature of society and thus the animals inside do still exist, as portrayed by the movies themselves as it was the criminals that decided not to blow up the other boat, having a tough son of a bitch big dude decide for every single one of them by show of force that he at least could recognize that they were criminals while the others were viewed to be fine, upstanding citizens.

Fine and upstanding citizens that turn a blind eye to all that goes on around them and enable the criminals and further enable the darkness of government itself as it is forced to work with and around the criminal element and thus becomes corrupted by it to the point where politicians accept bribes and becomes just as criminal as the criminals the Batman should fight. Yet doesn’t. He spends his time fighting the obvious criminals, the ones getting painted up, who are truly getting twisted by this masked vigilante who wants to take things to that level to exercise a twisted nature that wouldn’t have existed at all if he had instead barked up the right tree like a good dog and actually attacked the source of the corruption; the governments themselves that no longer are able to enforce their rules or laws and have thus become decadent and prevent crimes from being handled adequately by the people themselves.

You can not prevent crimes, you can not prevent death; you can not always act in a moment and therefore should just let some things go and simply learn from them. Not all Heroes are motivated by thoughts of revenge; all true heroes are motivated by thoughts of peace and spurred by the disturbance of those thoughts.

As I stated, Joker was the Hero society never wanted, for showing them all their true twisted nature and in turn showing the truth of the Batman at the same time. Not a true Hero, by any means; as twisted as they come and a product of society; yet a Hero nonetheless for daring to tell such truths.

Joker is, essentially, an evil version of Jesus. He is different from the anti-christ in the sense that Nicholai Carpathia was a politician and a worldy man…Joker is anti-worldy, he is the inverse politician, an evil Jesus. He goes around fishing for men, lepers, societies rejects, much like Jesus. The only difference is that he teaches revenge rather than forgiveness.
Joker is a victim because society let his wife die of cancer and he robbed a chemical plant to save her life because the medication was too expensive…in return for this he fell in a vat of chemicals thus feminizing him. He resents the hypocrasy and indiffirence of society around him…the same world that pretends to be good people yet let his wife die. He especially hates Batman because he is rich and could have saved his wife. In that sense, joker is a hero, but both him and batman are most certainly barbarians. Someone who likes Batman, who is actually more a violent and aggressive man than the joker, is most certainly a barbarbian.

You ever read Stephen King’s Insomnia?

Makes you wonder where Jesus Christ went to spiritually to destroy evil after they killed him 2000 years ago.

And, the Joker is actually quite refined, articulate and reasonable. Not quite as insane as Two-Face.

Tell me why this man is a hero and the Joker is a villain:

that is, if you can.

Tell me also, the similarity between V and the Jigsaw:

And then, if you could, try to find the common trend to it all and place it in context with ‘Fight Club’

Never saw V so I can’t say.

From what I gather, V is a man for the people, whereas Joker is generally a misanthropic people hater, and thus villianous.

Gotham is f’ing awesome…

Yes, it is a great television series.

Batman is a character without more or less any substance - Ghostface from Scream has far more substance.