The Democratic Candidates Thread

Will the next Democratic Candidate be an entertainer?

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The first counter-Trump DMC candidate may have been revealed. … hav-255624

A few months ago I started posting about Kanye West and Scarlett Johansson, thinking the Dems have no choice now but to make use of their entertainment-capital.

there are at least 22 names that have popped up in regards to running on the
democratic side including Biden and Mark Cuban and Zuckerberg (of facebook)
it will be interesting who finally wins out…


Go on…

How about this:

1] They amend the Constitution so that Arnold Schwarzenegger is able to run for president
2] Arnold switches parties and becomes a Democrat
3] He enters the race to face his Republican opponent Clint Eastwood in 2020

After all, isn’t this about as improbable as Don Trump being the president in 2012?

K: as the democrats are actually serious about running the country…
it won’t be an entertainer type like 45… the only person from a show business
background who has a shot is someone like Al Franken and he has been a U.S Senator
for several years now… he has some buzz involved with him also…one of the 22
as it were…


It would be a first if the Dems were serious… but hope is good. I dont think they are though, its clear now they prefer endangering the entire plant over obeying the will of the people.

I think the main reason that Trump is unpopular is that he refused to call ugly things pretty. All ugly things take offense, and express it in ugly, very violent and irrational ways.

The battle is between nature and the forces that hate nature, as they suffer of themselves too much (the DC Establishment, the social media teens, etc).

Then, you have the decent folks who unwittingly read the newspapers and pay heed to their favorite celebrity or news anchor, and Trump-fear is born.
In reality he has already accomplished more good than the past 4 presidents combined, of course - but that is also because he doesn’t explicitly aim to bring he west to ruin, which is a novelty.

By ugly I mean violent, without self-reflection - the California elites foremost.
all famous Trump-opponents, all of them use crude, pre-civilized, uncultured ltactics. It is clear that if Trumps enemies would win this and impeach him or have him, well, lets not speak what they speak, civilization is done in the US. It’s been gone for a while in most parts, but Trump managed to prevent it from collapsing entirely, as would have happened under either Sanders or his usurper.

Trumps crudeness represents the very best the US has to offer at this point. His opponents are infinitely more offensive. But besides this, he also has some skills that are otherwise absent in the entire political establishment.

If the nation would gather under him, to which end he has been doing his best to deliver many wise and reconciling speeches since his victory which all have been shamelessly ridiculed which has been very disturbing and disappointing, then it would rise to eminence very fast. But the GOP/DMC elites dont want this.

The GOP makes war against Trumps agenda while supporting him as a figurehead. Theyre callous and reckless. The DMC attacks Trump without any notion of reason or measure, they’re arrogant and genocidal and suicidal. The Alt Right is silly and ignorant. I dont know that there is any sane party involved, except Trump himself, and I still like Steve Bannon, wherever he has gone.

K: feel free to name the goods that he has accomplished more then the last 4 presidents combined!!!


The world is breathing again. It has been choking since Bill started bombing Europe and told the world to applaud him.

And the blowjob-case against him was even worse. That was embarrassing, and ended US credibility. Trust me.

All Trumps major opponents are tyrannical maniacs. Their distress is a good sign of some changes that you too can appreciate.
All people that turned the US into a surveillance state are against him, and commit treason in the open on an hourly basis.
The state is completely dead, in terms of credibility. There’s only Trump now, and you better gather behind the democracy and respect those who voted for him as fellow Americans.

K: I suspect you are off your meds… the entire world is in fear of what that psychopath 45 will
do next… as for the rest…try to learn some history before you go off on some tangent…


Trump will need to pull a rabbit out of his hat now.

Or even a few of them.

You dont even remember Bill Clinton do you?

Remarkable, but it doesnt surprise me at all actually.

History even goes back further than 1992… can you even imagine something that difficult to think about?

You dogmatists.