the demonic, deranged and demonic tastes of modern creatures

It’s like, women are controlled by demons, not high class demons, but impdemons, like this.

^Do you see that? That is what the soul of a modern woman looks like on the inside.

It is like Twilight Zone pig episode.

The uglier you are, the more modern women like you.

Now you may think to yourself, women like handsome men. No they don’t, I was told I was handsome my whole life, cute, yet I’m still basically a virgin. Modern women are at heart imps, so they get turned on by ugliness.

For example, you might say a woman would go for a handsome man like this.
But really she goes for this. <pic too ugly to post. You know who you are.Google images has lost taste, half of the pics it showed weren’t even ugly.>

Women act good but they are evil. They have also bad taste in music, they like Katty Perry Nikki Minaj and Justine Bieber style songs.

Women used to be lesbians 2000 years ago but they have become hyperfeminized. When an entity becomes hyperfeminized it loses its soul. Their soul has been sucked out and replaced by imps. They crave only the ugliest of ugly, only ugly can satisfy them. Lady Gaga sings about it in her song.

Disgusted with the taste of moderns around me, including the men, I try to find a lesbian. But lesbians don’t want me, lesbians are modernized too, like Katy Perry and Justin Bieber. So I can find noone, I am not masculine enough, I am not feminine enough, Noone cares about me or gives me a fair chance, I am just a third gender, sent to lurk in the netherworld of loniliness and despair and imbetween place, while society and it’s garbage music trodges on around me, trampling me, silencing me, stifling me, and running over me.


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