The Devil is God

There is more evidence of Lucifer being God and God being the devil if religions view of God to be all powerful is considered in any form of a realistic viewing. I am willing and able to expand on this in the progression of this thread if there are willing participants.

On paper God [if exists] is supposed to be omni-Good.
The devil is omni-evil.
Good is not evil.
Therefore God cannot be the devil.

In reality, is it is impossible for God to exists as real.

All humans has the potential to be evil.
Whatever God posited by humans like the Abrahamic God is invented by humans which is relied solely upon a book, faith and no proofs nor reasons.
Since God is invented by humans, such a God has evil potential.
This potential is actualized as proven by the acts of evils and violence committed by SOME evil prone believers who are influenced and inspired by verses that contain evil elements.
Evidence: This glaring 29,500++ listing of evils acts by SOME Muslims.

The man made God is partly evil.

Define “God”, naive.

My definition is starring right in front of you!

“God is an illusory thing invented by theists and God is impossible to be real.”

There are thousand++ of definitions of God out there.
IMO, the best definition by theists of their God is the ontological definition;

God is a being [good] than which none greater can be conceived

God is the greatest possible being [good] that can be conceived.

Now what is your definition of God, naive?

I am not the one making such naive assertions as:

What is your proof of such a flippant thought?

And saying that the Devil is God is like saying that the President is Congress.

Not necessarily. Faulty comparison. There is evidence of so many ‘good’ people rejecting memories of trauma and abuse and forcing ‘evil’ to carry those memories for them all so that they can remain good without having to prove it. ‘Good’ is far more biased and prejudiced and hypocritical for not often understanding fully advanced reasoning, psychology, deeper wisdom, etc. and thus going about trying to help others in so many wrong ways due to complete lack of understanding. The fact that they do so in God’s name undermines God’s work more than any evil ever could and if you criticize them at all, they break down into tears and negativity and many refuse to accept the amount of damage thryve done to the greater cause at that point and willfully force themselves into disjointed forms of retarded ignorance.

Many would rather believe in perfect God than the truth and the devil holds onto the truth and has carried humanity forward far more than God ever could by the accepted routes of the ignorant. Not to say that the devil isn’t still twisted and evil and even more so when what is truly God gets back to its feet after being destroyed by his own followers and believers too many times. It’s just stating, with friends/citizens/followers/helpers like that, who needs enemies/terrorists/leaders/hindrances that actually seek to do what they do purposefully. They so readily destroy it themselves and succeed where even what is truly evil would fail.

And, all other arguments made in this thread or other places by any others, would be fallacious for their own lack of knowledge. It would be them just trying to sound important and weigh in and mislead for how I’ll suited they are to actually prove what they claim.

Well if the devil is God then worship Arcturus, she said she is the Devil.

I didn’t say that the devil is God, just that there is more evidence to support that than there is of God being God for how many spoiled people attribute the works of God to be the works of the Devil due to their beliefs of pain and suffering and death to be enemies, for one, and the whole game of sleight of hand and deception, for two.

I further said that for their notions of God being a singular being of omniscience, omnipresence and omnipotence, would view any truth that claimed otherwise to be devils knowledge, and for knowledge itself being largely forbidden, would have any outing of truth be much like a governments Official Secrets Act, wherein any exposing of corruption or illegal activity on the part of elected officials or agencies being deemed illegal exposure and having the one or ones exposing such criminality to be terrorists, traitors, etc. Meaning, that anyone who used forbidden knowledge to prove what the actual devil is doing would be damned if they do, damned if they don’t and condemned forever, whether hero or villain revolutionary or terrorist, angel or demon and would then be thd wrongfully accused, wrongfully arrested no matter what for the inherent hypocrisy and fascism.

And, for the sheer fact that God itself has committed acts of murder, acts of destruction, attempted acts of genocide, etc., even to the point of having to enter his own creation like a thief in the night, a refugee, a base criminal, would itself need to dirty it’s hands and have blood staining them whether for the right reasons or wrong and would seem for all the world at that point to the naive and ignorant, for there are no true innocents with the bits of twisted behavior that litter every persons life that largely get forgotten by ‘good’ people as they age and certainly don’t get mentioned much in casual conversation, that God is no better than the devil. And, who could claim otherwise or prove it at that point without forbidden knowledge to expose proper reason long hidden and break a law to be found guilty and risk eternal Hell?

Bottom line is, the Devil is probably a fairie tail about anhedonia and how when Dionysus and Apollos are conjoined and become too powerful, then you get a hedonistic anhedonic entity which cannot receive the benefits of stimulation with simultaneously demonstrating an excess of Dionysus and Apollos and thus drags the world into the depths of it’s suffering along with it and it’s failed attempts at generating self-stimulation.

Quit being a stupid cunt and just admit when you’re at a loss. There are not enough facepalms in existence for your epic failures.

This is pure ego speaking. I suppose I struck a nerve simplifying your ficktional entity to the bare basics.

Explain how it is pure ego speaking. You are the scientist who has formed a hypothesis and now must prove your theory. Present the evidence in this impromptu courtroom wherein you’ve already grilled the defendant, my ‘ego’ like an interrogative torturer to no avail. Present your actual evidence to the court so that we may proceed to the ruling.

I cannot prove a probability. I said Satan is probably a fairy tale but I cannot prove this as it is a probability. This meme is old and already known that God entities can never be disproven, just as I cannot prove a fictional novel story did not occur in some other universe somewhere, given that a God entity could potentially migrate across the multiverse. No can I prove that teletubbies from Mars do not teleport in your closet on Tuesday’s whenever you are not looking.

Then stop talking as if you know so much when you have no solid evidence of what you claim and still sidetracked what I asked you to prove about my ego, which would have plenty more evidence, close at hand, than proving that the devil existed. Something you should have been more than able to prove.

God and the Devil are a couple of bullies playing good-cop / bad-cop; they both want to send you to the same place in the end anyway.

Not true. Imagine that heaven and hell are only afterlife alternate realities created by entities not so different than you or me and that for there being an infinite array of those two things, there is still reincarnation, other alternate realities and layers of realities with heaven and hell only as momentary or long term concepts for how you perceive and deal with life. God is not about damning people to hell and has no wish to even condemn the worst, but still has to do something about them, whether they’re what people view to be the worst or not.

Also, for how many things might condemn you to any version of heaven or hell, it is not a guarantee that you will wind up in any of those places, since it can be agreed that an eternity of reincarnation itself would be both heaven and hell.

This is true of the universe (as God). But my statement is meant to be taken in the context of Western religion–in which God and Satan are often pitted against each other–and I’ve grown accustom to thinking of the God of Western religion as the “good cop” and the Devil as the “bad cop” in a plot to round up human souls for some grand purpose in the afterlife (I’m not sure what it is, but it ain’t pretty). It’s something like rounding up sheep to be taken to the slaughter. The gods have an entire industry based on human souls.

The God of Western religion is posing as the ultimate God (i.e. the universe) but really, he’s got no more claim to that title than any of the other angels.

^ Anyway, that’s my own crazy. Do you agree with it?

Yep … depending on what you very precisely mean by “Western”.