The Divinity of Immaterial Space

Theologians insists that the Divinity (God) created the universe; ontological materialists would counter by maintaining that a singularity initiated the big bang, creating the universe. Philosophers and other enquirers can espouse a different view of how the universe began; anyway, the question of how the universe began is not without controversy. That being the case, showing how the universe began, while maintaining along with theology that the creator of the universe is divine, is the goal of this post. The not so obvious place to start is in the pre-universe where the creator of the universe, (a first existent), was located, be it God, a singularity, or something else. A first existent is necessary or there would not be a universe. In the pre-universe, only the immaterial can exist, so the first existent must be immaterial. Immaterial space is the logical choice since actual space exists in the current universe. Immaterial space, then as the first existent created the universe and as the creator of the universe should be regarded as divine.

What even is immaterial space but a mental construct as Kant taught?

Space, not immaterial space. Read my post on the origin of the universe.

We were never born and we never die. It’s that simple

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I hope you are correct. I would change my philosophy in a fast minute.

This is the way the cosmos works.

People do memory erasures to stay entertained.

They enter realities with constructions to expand the cosmos.

What else do you want to know?

Thanks. Is there more?

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That’s a very easy way I can bring you into higher intelligent life.

As far as i know, creation is pantheism.
The stars planets and moons are the organs
of God. They produce intelligences and spirits,
which grow up and re unify with heavenly father.
The next reality will be much better than this one.
Everyone is welcome.

Maybe so. Who knows?

…because all is/was ‘one’. :milky_way:
I like your thought-concept very much, Dan.

“I like your thought-concept very much, Dan.”
Thanks a ton, mags.

Kant referred to what you are calling immaterial space (or, God) as Time. It is not spatial (it is possibly me inserting this: it subsumes spatial). It is what Descartes called spiritual material.

Thanks for your reply; these issues are complex and difficult to be certain.

Ego sum via veritas et vita;Amesha Spenta;Vohu Mano; Allow all things measurable, microbial and astronomical to remain infinite, unchanged and arrive to light.