The Earth must be a Biological Entity

[size=150]Foreword How to Draw the Earth? (Common Conceptual Mistake)[/size]

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[size=150]Part I A Logical Proof (Controversy - Validity of Logic)[/size]

  1. No living things can be created without any living tissue.

  2. No living things can be created with non-living tissues only.

  3. We can create living things with living tissues only.

  4. All living things have living tissues.

  5. The Earth has living tissues.

  6. The Earth is a living thing.

  7. No living things arrived from space up to now.

  8. There are living things on the Earth.

  9. All living things on the Earth come from the Earth.

  10. As a result, the Earth created all of us (by birth).

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[size=150]Part II Diagrams[/size]

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[size=150]Part III Desertification is a Process of Aging[/size]

References: Desertification Synthesis Report (2005, 23) – GreenFacts Publication, available at

(According to my hypothesis) Desertification is a dominant force in the an aging process of the Earth. In fact, aging is an unrecoverable process. We have no alternatives but to slow it down. Any measure is almost useless to the problems already occurred in the natural process of aging. The eco-system is a unity. Each part is cohesive to the rests. If one of them collapse, chain effects will occur. Similar to our bodies, we cannot save any organ from being exhausted eventually. Life must have an end. The end is exactly a physical death. From when, science only depends on “terms”? Knowledge needs our minds to understand. Words are useless unless they are used to present our ideas. Our world has been distorted by so-called “professional”. We break our knowledge down to different subjects, but we failed to unify them ever again. We are in an era of information technology. Everyone can find everything for their own studies and researches online. Meanwhile, philosophy is no longer a subject only concern in questions such as “live and death”, “consciousness” and “presence of the subject as a God”. The so-called “God” was built out of our imagination derived from the differences in-between the physical presences of the Conscious Earth (a higher level of living things) and us. Our ancestor created religions by their imaginations. We reinforce them by religions. The God (a Conscious Earth) may probably participate in the start and development of religions. Soul can be a comfort. At the same time, it is also a measure to maintain the concepts of our world (which are established by manipulations of her gifted power from birth). The world may not become her ideals because the God is a subject changing all the time with influences from her offspring mentally. Undoubtedly, we share close connections with the God (a Conscious Earth) both physically and mentally.

Back onto the topic, the process of desertification is a process hard to revert. Precautions are required. Prevention is the key to protect our ecosystem from the blink of extinctions. I mentioned the term “extinctions” numerous times because we can observe the result (the death – a natural process of lives) of the planets from those nearby (i.e. the Mars). Live and Death is an inevitable cause of lives. You born, grow and die (without any accident). “Lives in different levels” fully illustrated the absence of space arrivals and living organisms in the planets nearby. Reality is hard. Accept it by rationality. Although Imaginations of our scientists and philosophers have been broken, the TRUTH (a Conscious Earth) may enable us to save the Earth from dying too quickly.

Quote, “Effective prevention of desertification requires both local management and macro policy approaches that promote sustainability of ecosystem services. It is advisable to focus on prevention, because attempts to rehabilitate desertified areas are costly and tend to deliver limited results.” (Section 2, pg. 14)

The desertification process can be limited by the efforts of all of us. Desertification is a globalized shifting force. The presence of “dry lands” (as you may have observed in the satellite images of the Earth) is a visible process of aging. Technology is not solution to nothing. As I mentioned previously, “No one is capable of saving others from death (not even with the most advanced technology).” You know why I am stopping every scientist, philosophers and religion experts from going too far by commenting and posting on net these days. It is time for all of us to be wakened up and look at the Earth as a unity instead of a segments divided by political boundaries. Religion is not an excuse for going into wars. The Mars is not an excuse to leave all your people behind for adventures. Philosophers (in history) are the ones who have passions and determine to change the world by their own ideas (but not quotations from others). Philosophy must be REAL. Religion is plural, but the GOD is ONE. Science does not need TERMS to define.

[size=150]Part IV Ozone is a Natural Mechanism of Self-defenses[/size]

References: Scientists Find Antarctic Ozone Hole to Recover Later than Expected (June 29, 2006) – NASA Earth Observatory, available at

Quote, “The Antarctic ozone hole is a massive loss of ozone that occurs each spring in the Southern Hemisphere. The ozone hole is caused by chlorine and bromine gases in the stratosphere, an upper layer of the atmosphere, that destroy ozone in an annually recurring process that takes place in the unique meteorological conditions of the Antarctic stratosphere. Those gases come from human-produced chemicals such as chlorofluorocarbons.”

[size=85](Remark: Temperature may have influences on the size of Ozone hole. For which, the reduction in the size of Ozone hole may not be a positive situation to our ecology. The increases in temperature in Antarctica may have reduced its coverage.)[/size]

As shown in the publication, the occurrence of ozone is different from the process of desertification. In which, the ozone can be recovered. This indicated desertification (removal of organic living tissues and the disappearance of offspring) is a process of aging instead of other factors. The nature of the Earth is more likely to be a biological entity. The recovery of her life cycles (eco-system) is not infinite. Recoveries of deserts are “compulsory” manmade products. For instance, we dig channels to introduce the flow of water into desert and plant rows of trees as fences to stop the expansions. However, such kinds of manmade efforts have failed to recover the life cycles. Thus, desertification is a process of AGING. Once the life cycles have been broken, we cannot turn the clock back. Our “eco-system” is the “life cycles” of the Earth. Thus, it makes the Earth different from planets nearby. To be more specific, the life cycles of the nearby planets have already come to an end. They left us with physical remains (which are similar to skeletons).

Quote, “The upper ozone layer is important because it blocks 90-99 percent of the sun’s ultraviolet radiation from making contact with Earth. This solar radiation can cause skin cancer, genetic damage, eye damage and can impact marine life.”

(According to my hypothesis) Ozone is a natural mechanism of self protection (of a biological entity) against the outer space. It is similar to our skins. The occurrence of such a mechanism is a cross reference to my hypothesis. This natural mechanism does not come out of a sudden. The general belief of the orbits and angles from sun account for the occurence of lives must be FALSE. Ozone is a natural mechanism of SELF PROTECTION generated by the Earth herself.

Teru Wong

Why not Gaia Hypothesis? Enter to take a look.

This must be wrong because it requires a preexisting living thing to create another living thing. How could the first living thing have come into existence?

What I am referring to is the situation on the Earth. If you look deeper into my hypothesis, the object so-called “GOD” in various religions is actually the Earth.

Physical differences between the Earth and the human beings inside created religions. And the God (or I shall call her – the Conscious Earth) has simply take advantages of it. She did it by abusing the natural power to communicate with us. If the God talk to you seriously, you become a “Prophet”. If it is the otherwise, you become one of those psychiatric patients.

Please, do not stop thinking about this hypothesis by judging it was right or wrong. Think of it in another way: what if the Earth is conscious and lives have hierarchies. Lives are lives in different levels.

Please, think twice. This is important to me, as to all of you whom in search for the truth.

So, there have always been living things in the universe? I actually agree, but just wanted to see if you’re onboard with the implications.

To be more accurate, my hypothesis reveals that the universe consists of lives in different levels. The universe consists of lives in different levels and the universe itself is a supreme being.

We always failed to spot the existence of the Conscious Earth, a higher level of lives in compare with humankind. We are only animals with higher intelligence and the God was actually a higher level of living organisms only. To specify, the Conscious Earth is a supreme being who manipulated our world with her invisible hands.

Think about it. A world with a hidden supreme being, and we are living inside her. If this hypothesis really implies, our world (reality) must be similar to what we have got here.

Of course, this hypothesis does not expel lives on other planets. In fact, it prefers the existence of lives in other planets.